Each of the MPTC police academies offers mandatory in-service training to full-time municipal, University of Massachusetts and environmental police officers.  This training is also open to any other police officer who is sponsored by the officer's department and on a space-available basis.

Annual Professional Development training is offered to reserve/intermittent police officers and is co-sponsored by the regional police training organizations and the MPTC.

September 2016 through June 2017

All officers must obtain 40-hours of training in TY17.  The mandatory requirements for the coming year include:

  • Legal update: six (6) hours
  • Youth interactions: three (3) hours
  • Elderly issues: three (3) hours
  • Active shooter tabletop: three (3) hours
  • Dynamics of addiction: three (3) hours
  • Defensive tactics: three (3) hours
  • Local option: three (3) hours

All of these classes will require use of the MPTC lesson plan and MPTC-certified instructors who have attended the instructor trainer courses for that topic.

Officers are also required to complete the annual firearms training and re-qualification requirements and to meet the statutorily mandated CPR and first responder training requirements, which do count towards the 40-hour training requirement, as does any other police-related training, regardless of the provider.

The MPTC Committee voted to establish the following mandatory in-service training standards for chiefs for TY17.  These standards are in addition to the in-service training standards listed above for all officers:

        • Officer wellness from a chief’s perspective
        • Executive leadership

No hours have been established pending the development of topical outlines.  As they did last year, the Mass Chiefs of Police Association will include these topics in a conference slated to be held at the Sheraton Four Points hotel in Norwood on September 28 and 29.  The training will also include some of the statewide in-service topics outlined above.  A make-up session of these two classes will be hosted by the MPTC regionally for those chiefs who cannot attend the MCOPA conference.