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Distance Learning

  • EOPSS e-Learning

    EOPSS e-Learning has been designed primarily for all agencies under the EOPSS umbrella, to provide a shared Learning Management System (LMS) portal and reduce costs. 

  • The mission of the Municipal Police Training Committee’s Distance Learning Unit is to meet the online training needs of the Commonwealth’s Municipal, University of Massachusetts and Environmental Police Officers by utilizing the latest technology to deliver the highest quality training possible in an electronic format. The Distance Learning Unit is committed to exceeding student expectations and maintaining a quality, responsive customer service model. We are dedicated to excellence in all we do to ensure our customers receive the highest level of training and service possible.

Have questions about Distance Learning or ideas about online training you would like to share, please contact a member of our e-Learning team. 

Alyssa Porter, Distance Learning Program Coordinator
Voice: 781.437.0307 / E-mail:

Mandatory Topic

MPTC’s Involvement


For Firearms, the agencies should refer to the mandatory retraining and requalification requirements as established by the Committee in 2010.  It contains suggestions for effective firearms training.  That document can be found in the Chiefs Newsletter from May 2010, which can be found at Chiefs Newsletter May 2010

Defensive Tactics

For Defensive Tactics (DT), the Defensive Tactics Statewide Coordinator will once again be developing an outline for a four-hour class. 
As a further reminder, the DT and FR components are on a three-year rotation. 


Since CPR is a standardized class, agencies can utilize local resources for this class.

First Responder

For First Responder/First Aid (FR), the First Responder Statewide Coordinator will be developing an outline of skills to be covered.  The classroom portion of this class will also be available on line again this year.  As a further reminder, the DT and FR components are on a three-year rotation. 

Use of Force

For Use of Force, MPTC will prepare a lesson plan and host a train-the-trainer class.

Local Option

Police-related distance learning training, whether through the MPTC, MPI, the feds, or others, counts towards the 40-hour requirement.

Legal Issues was not added to the mandatory topics because the MPTC Legal Issues Coordinator, Sheila Gallagher, has been sending real-time updates.  However, she will be developing a yearend summary of the cases and updates issued thus far.  This will be a good review for your officers and will be more comprehensive than the updates sent to date.  Sheila will be distributing her prepared yearend summary document and related PowerPoint presentation at instructor development sessions held regionally. If you have any questions, please contact me or Director of Training Marylou Powers.