According to M.G.L. c. 90 s.24(2)(a) Whenever an officer investigates a crash in which there is personal injury and/or property damage in excess of one thousand dollars to any one vehicle, or any other property damage in excess of one thousand dollars, the officer shall be required to complete a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Police Report.

This crash form was updated in 2013 and MPTC was tasked thru a grant from EOPPS/HSD to provide a curriculum and training.  Working with the MassDOT we realized that on-line training was the most effective method.

Click this link to Crash Reporting Training available on the EOPSS e-LEARNING Site.  It constitutes 2 hours of training and is presented into 2 modules.  “Why are Crash Data Important and Help with Current Data Fields” and “Help with New Data Fields and Departmental Policy”.