• MPTC Instructor Certification & Training

    The instructor certification process is a dual-focused system by which MPTC verifies an instructor’s proficiency in both the subject matter and as an instructional trainer.   To become certified, an Instructor Certification Application must be submitted and approved by MPTC. (Visit the MPTC Instructor Certification & Training link above to learn more about the instructor certification process and qualifications necessary to attend new instructor training.)

New Instructor Certification & Training

  • M.P.T.C. Instructor Development Pre-requisite Course
    This is a pre-requisite course designed for those interested in applying for Instructor Certification to teach for the MPTC and its sponsored programs. 
  • CPR/First Responder Certification

    This course is designed for law enforcement officers to certify them as MPTC CPR/First Responder Instructors

  • Defensive Tactics Certifications (12-days)

     This course is designed for law enforcement officers to certify them as MPTC DT Instructors.

  • Health & Wellness Instructor Course

    New Dates!  Instructors are required to have this training in order to assist as certified Physical Training (PT) instructors in the MPTC Recruit Officer Courses state-wide programs.  This training is open to new and current instructors.

  • Train-the-Trainer - TY15 Mandated Topics
    Visit the link above to access instructor certification training scheduled for Legal Issues, Human Trafficking and Police Interactions with Persons with Mental Illness mandated topics.
  • Eyewitness Identification Train-the-Trainer
    The Eyewitness Identification Lesson Plan is approved to be implemented in all recruit officer training classes after July 1, 2014.  Visit the Eyewitness Identification TOT link above for the training schedule.

Instructor Recertification Training

Instructor Development Trainings