• Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC)

    MPTC has an MPTC Instructor Certification & Approval Process, a dual-focused system by which MPTC verifies an instructor’s proficiency in both the subject matter and as an instructional trainer before being certified to teach.  Certified instructors are required to be re-certified over a three-year cycle in subject(s) they are certified to teach.   The three-year cycle promotes an instructor’s proficiency in both the subject matter and as an instructional trainer.

    As a pre-requisite to become certified as an instructor, the MPTC offers Instructor Development programs, a course designed for those interested in applying for Instructor Certification to teach for the MPTC and its sponsored programs (i.e. Recruit, Professional Development, Specialized, Basic Reserve and Reserve In-Service Programs). 

  • Instructor Development Refresher Program

    This is a two-day Instructor Development Program designed to update and refresh Veteran trainers with instructional styles, lesson plan delivery and learning principals.

  • CPR-First Responder

    Note: The CPR/First Responder Annual Instructor Conferences dates have changed.

  • Defensive Tactic Instructor Certifications

    Click this link to locate MPTC Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification and Instructor Re-Certification training.

  • 2013-2014 Firearms Instructor Recertification

    The Distance Learning (DL) portion of the MPTC Firearms Training program has been implemented as not only a cost savings measure but also to streamline the recertification process.  Recertifying instructors will now complete this online segment as a pre-requisite to attending the practical portion at the range.

  • Health & Wellness Instructor Course

    New Dates!  Instructors are required to have this training in order to assist as certified Physical Training (PT) instructors in the MPTC Recruit Officer Courses state-wide programs.

  • MILO Operator Training

    A dedicated room for scenario based use-of-force simulator training.

  • Patrol Procedures

  • SFST Instructor Programs

    Standardized Field Sobriety Testing [SFST]