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What to expect:

The Distance Learning (DL) portion of the MPTC Firearms Training program has been implemented as not only a cost savings measure but also to streamline the recertification process.  Recertifying 
instructors will now complete this online segment as a pre-requisite to attending the practical portion at the range.

  • You MUST complete the distance learning online requirement at least 24 hours before coming to the range.
  • You want to avoid last minute technical or printing issues that might take a while to resolve.
  • You MUST bring a copy of your record of completion from the distance learning component with you to the range.
  • If you do not bring your completion record to the range, you MUST provide us with a completion record that records the online requirement was completed before the range. All completion records in distance learning are time and date stamped.  
  • If you say you completed the distance learning component before the range and the time and date stamp reflects otherwise, your day at the range will NOT count. You will need to return to the range another day and requalify.