Municipal Police Training Committee’s Statewide Coordinator, Jason Shea, is conducting a Two Day Health & Wellness Instructor Course 

This training is open to new and current instructors.

Instructors are required to have this training in order to assist as certified Physical Training (PT) instructors in the MPTC Recruit Officer Courses statewide programs.

Location:  BOSTON Police Academy [Google Directions ]

Dates:  Wednesday, October 22nd & Thursday, October 23rd [Two Day course] / Hours:  10am-5pm each day / Attire:  PT gear both days

Registration:  Complete and Fax the Instructor Development Application pdf format of MPTC Instructor Development Training Application
to Rose Sauvageau @ (781) 963-0235.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to Jason Shea @ and phone 508-317-1000 or Howard Lebowitz @ and phone 781-437-0304.