Municipal Police Training Committee’s Statewide Coordinator, Jason Shea, is conducting a Two Day Health & Wellness Instructor Course 

Instructors are required to have this training in order to assist as certified Physical Training (PT) instructors in the MPTC Recruit Officer Courses statewide programs.

Location:  BOSTON Police Academy [Google Directions ]

Dates:  Wednesday, May 14th & Thursday, May 15th [Two Day course] / Hours:  10am-5pm each day / Attire:  PT gear both days

Registration:  Complete and Fax the Instructor Development Application pdf format of MPTC Instructor Development Training Application to Todd Mongeon @ (413) 755-6331.

Questions regarding this program can be directed to Jason Shea @ and phone 508-317-1000 or Howard Lebowitz @ and phone 781-437-0304.