Municipal Police Training Committee
“Training for Today, Planning for the Future”

Pat Caggiano, Recruit Officer Course Coordinator
6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368
PH: 781.437.0306 | E-mail:
Patrick.Caggiano@MassMail.State.MA.US | Fax: 781.963.0235

Police Academy Hours and Tuition

Police Academy Hours:  This course is 900+ training hours, operates Monday through Friday.  Start and end times are discussed at the Police Academy's Orientation.  

MPTC Operated Police Academy Tuition: $3,000.00.  Invoices are disseminated when the academy closes and seats are secured.  NOTE: Please contact MPTC authorized academies for tuition costs and enrollment.  

The Application:

Applicants must be 21 years of age.  The Recruit Officer Course Training Application is designed to create a training record in the MPTC database.  Please type the information and E-mail it to Pat Caggiano, MPTC ROC Coordinator. 

Note:  Applications for Authorized (Boston, Lowell, MBTA, Springfield and Worcester) Police Academies are not submitted to the MPTC.  Contact the authorized police academy directly.

When & How to E-mail the Application:  

An Application is accepted when the candidate has met all the requirements to secure a seat in the police academy and the Application Packet in its entirety can be mailed.

How to E-mail the Application:  Handwritten, Faxed and scanned applications are not accepted.  The e-mailed Application does not require signatures. 


  1. Click "file", "Save As", “PDF” - Rename the Application for the candidate using this method: PoliceDepartment-Lastname.  [Example: "MythicalDepartment-Lastname.pdf"]
  2. Click "Save" to save the Application to YOUR computer.
  3. Attach the Application to an E-mail and send it to the Program's Coordinator, Pat Caggiano @ Patrick.Caggiano@MassMail.State.MA.US

Mailing the Complete Application Packet:   

For consideration, the complete Application Packet must be mailed to the Basic Recruit Officer Training Coordinator, MPTC H.Q., 6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368 within three business days of the electronic application.

A complete Application Packet includes:    

  1. The original Application signed by the Sponsoring Authority and the Applicant; (1) Original.
  2. Appointment Letter:  [Full-time and Permanent Part-time hires*]: (1) Copy
    An Appointment Letter is the candidate’s (actual hiring) .  This letter comes from the department’s appointing authority offering the candidate a position as a full-time [or part-time permanent] police officer with graduation from the recruit training as the sole condition.  This is required of applicants hired as a permanent full-time or permanent part-time (see below) police officer for a municipal, Environmental or University of Massachusetts police departments.

    *Definition of Permanent Part-time: In an effort to meet the training needs for every police department equitably, a municipal, Environmental and University of Massachusetts police department that employs only permanent part-time police officers will fall under the same priority as full-time municipal, Environmental and University of Massachusetts police departments considered first priority when enrolling in a police academy (first come first served).  The sponsoring authority must attest that department has NO full-time police officers to qualify for "Permanent Part-time" hire by checking the box “By checking this box, I hereby affirm my department has NO full-time officers.” 
  3. Every Applicant:  Pages (1) and (6) [only] of the Comprehensive Medical (1) Copy.  Visit the link on the right of this page for information regarding the comprehensive medical exam or to download the medical forms; 
  4. Every Applicant:  The Official Physical Ability Test (PAT) result (1) Copy. Visit the link on the right of this page for instructions on how to schedule the PAT and the PAT schedule.
  5. Part-time/Sponsored & Sponsored applicants:  Download: Waiver and Release for Sponsored Candidates  (1) Copy - Definition of a Part-time/Sponsored applicant is employed as a part-time reserve/intermittent police officer, sponsored by the department he/she is presently employed.  A Sponsored applicant is not employed and is simply sponsored by a municipal or University of Massachusetts police chief or Environmental Police Colonel.

Mail To:  Recruit Officer Training Coordinator, MPTC H.Q., 6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368.  The Application Packet will be considered received on the date the electronic Application was e-mailed provided everything received by US Mail is in order and received within three business days from the date of the E-mail.