The Recruit Officer Course is a comprehensive 20 plus week training program. This course combines classroom instruction, practical exercises, and scenarios designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to excel in the police profession and be an asset to the community. This program emphasizes integrity, professionalism, and community service is under constant review to make sure topics are updated, to address emerging trends in policing, and to take advantage of technology. For example, large-screen computer simulations are used to teach and test force response. MPTC academies utilize municipal and state police officers as Staff Instructors. These outstanding police professionals act as role models and mentors to the student officers and guide them towards becoming exemplary officers.

The MPTC also approves recruit academies run by municipal police departments statewide.  Upon graduation of MPTC and MPTC Approved Police Academies the student officer will have successfully completed the prescribed course of study for basic police training, to exercise police powers, as mandated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 41, § 96B.