1. Click "file", "Save As", “PDF” - Rename the Application using this method: PoliceDepartment-Lastname. [Example: "MythicalDepartment-Lastname"]
  2. Click "Save" to save the Application to YOUR computer.  [MythicalDepartment-Lastname.pdf]
  3. Attach the Application to an E-mail and send to the MPTC's Program's Coordinator, Pat Caggiano @
  4. Repeat steps a. & b. for multiple applicants.  Attach multiple applications to a single E-mail. 
  5. Mail the original signed application including all required documentation is required to be received by the Program's Coordinator within three business days.  
    Any questions please contact Pat Caggiano at 781-437-0306.


    1. Apply for an academy prior to meeting the requirements necessary to secure a seat.
    2. E-mail applications for the Authorized (Boston, Lowell, MBTA, Springfield PD and Worcester PD) Police Academies to the MPTC.  
      Contact the authorized police academy directly.
    3. Use the Adobe "Submit" button
    4. Hand-write the information.  Handwritten applications will not be accepted.
    5. Scan the Application.  Scanning the application removes the features designed to populate the applicant's information to the database. 
      [The E-mailed Application does not require signatures.]