• The Reserve/Intermittent Police Officer

    Reserve/Intermittent Police Officers are critical to the community policing efforts of many municipal police departments. With many departments lacking sufficient staff to provide the services their citizens expect and many of them feeling the pinch of budget constraints, reserve/intermittent officers are an important asset. Departments utilize these officers to perform many tasks.  They assist with special events; they work shifts when veteran officers are sick or on vacation; they augment the force in times of crisis; and they perform many other vital functions for the community.  Departments also use their reserve/intermittent programs as a means of evaluating the potential of a future police officer before they are hired full time and sent to recruit officer training.  Moreover, many men and women who are interested in becoming police officers opt to become reserve officers first to make sure of their career choice and to better position themselves for a full time position.

  • Regional Police Training Organizations

    This course is a minimum of 345.5 hours administered by regional police training organizations (listed below) at various locations throughout the Commonwealth.  *An additional 20 hours of MPTC-certified firearms training is required if the officer will be armed with a firearm.

Berkshire Law Enforcement Council

B.L.E.C. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course held at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Department.

Central Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association

 C.M.C.O.P.A. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course operated through the Boylston Police Academy.

Martha’s Vineyard Chiefs of Police Association

M.V.C.O.P.A. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course.

New England Law Enforcement Training Center

N.E.L.E.T.C. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course is located in Chelsea and serves Suffolk, Middlesex and Norfolk Counties.

Northeast Regional Police Institute

N.E.R.P.I. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course located at Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA.

Professional Officer of the Law, Institute of Certification and Education

P.O.L.I.C.E.  404 Middlesex Road, Tyngsborough, MA 01879

Plymouth County Police Chiefs Association

P.C.P.C.A. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course operated through the Plymouth Police Academy.

Massachusetts Law Enforcement Training Alliance

M.L.E.T.A. Old Boston Street Office Park, 460 Boston St., Suite 5, third floor, Topsfield, MA

Southeastern Massachusetts Police Training Association

S.E.M.P.T.A. held at Swansea Police Department

South Suburban Police Institute

S.S.P.I. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Courses in Foxboro.

Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association

W.M.C.O.P.A. based at the MPTC Western Mass Police Academy.