Southeastern Massachusetts Police Training Association (S.E.M.P.T.A.)

Contact:  S.E.M.P.T.A. Program Director:  Freetown Police Chief Carlton E. Abbott, at (508) 763-4017.
Hours:  Program generally runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings; 6:30pm - 9:30pm and Saturdays; 8:00am - 3:00pm.
Attire:  Academy uniform required.
Cost (including books): $1,500 in the form bank check or money order (only) made payable to SEMPTA.

Classes will be held at the Swansea Police Department unless otherwise noted.

Start and End DatesHow To Apply
May 1, 2014

FAX MPTC Recruit Officer Course Application pdf format of    Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course Training  to: (508) 763-4010 and
contact Program Director, Freetown Police Chief Carlton E. Abbott, at (508) 763-4017

25/5/14MondayIntroduction to Criminal Justice
35/6/14TuesdayCORI & Technology
45/8/14ThursdayCommunity Policing
55/10/13SaturdayIntegrity (AM) Sexual Harassment (PM)
65/12/14MondayConstitutional Law I (intro)
75/13/14TuesdayConstitutional Law II 
85/15/14ThursdayConstitutional Law III
95/17/14SaturdayConstitutional Law IV & V
105/19/14MondayConstitutional Law VI
115/20/14TuesdayConstitutional Law VII
125/21/14WednesdayConstitutional Law VIII + Review
135/22/14ThursdayConstitutional Law EXAM
145/24/14SaturdayCriminal Law I & II
155/26/14Monday   Memorial Day - No Class
165/27/14TuesdayCriminal Law III
175/29/14ThursdayDrug Identification
185/31/14SaturdayCriminal Law  IV & V
196/2/14MondayCriminal Law VI
206/3/14TuesdayCriminal Law VII
216/5/14ThursdayDealing with persons with Autism
226/7/2015SaturdayCriminal Law VIII & IX 
236/9/2014MondayCriminal Law X (Review)
236/10/2014TuesdayCriminal Law EXAM
246/12/2014ThursdayCPR / AED*  
256/14/2014SaturdayCPR / AED* 
266/16/2014MondayFirst Responder*
276/17/2014TuesdayFirst Responder*
286/19/2014ThursdayFirst Responder*
296/21/2014SaturdayFirst Responder*
306/23/2014MondayFirst Responder*
316/24/2014TuesdayFirst Responder*
326/25/2014WednesdayMotor Vehicle Law
336/26/2014ThursdaySex Crimes* 
346/28/2014Saturday*Motor Vehicle Law(Bike Safety & OUI Enforce)
356/30/2014MondayMotor Vehicle Law 
367/1/2014TuesdayMotor Vehicle Law EXAM
377/3/2014ThursdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
387/5/2014Saturday4th of July Weekend - No Class
397/7/2014MondayJuvenile Issues 
407/8/2014TuesdayCrash Reporting & Basic Info Gathering
417/10/2014ThursdayUse of Force
427/12/2014SaturdayArrest & Process (AM) - Suicide Prevention* (PM)
437/14/2014MondayDomestic Violence I* 
457/15/2014TuesdayDomestic Violence II* 
467/17/2014ThursdayDomestic Violence & Victim Rights*
477/19/2014SaturdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
487/21/2014MondayInterview & Interrogation
497/22/2014TuesdayReport Writing I
507/24/2014ThursdayReport Writing II & 3 hrs. Homework Assigned
517/26/2014SaturdayDefensive Tactics
527/28/2014MondayDefensive Tactics 
537/29/2014TuesdayComprehensive Exam #1 - 50 Questions
547/31/2014ThursdayTraffic Control
558/2/2014SaturdayCrises & Conflict (AM) - Bias Crimes (PM)
568/4/2014MondayDefensive Tactics 
578/5/2014TuesdayBias Crimes / Child & Elder Abuse
588/7/2014ThursdayBias Crimes / Child & Elder Abuse
598/9/2014SaturdayDefensive Tactics
608/11/2014MondayDefensive Tactics
618/12/2014TuesdayDefensive Tactics
628/14/2014ThursdayDefensive Tactics
638/16/2014SaturdayDefensive Tactics
648/18/2014MondayBT Operator
658/19/2014TuesdayBT Operator
668/21/2014ThursdayApplied Patrol Procedures 
678/23/2014SaturdayApplied Patrol Procedures 
688/25/2014MondayApplied Patrol Procedures 
698/26/2014TuesdayApplied Patrol Procedures 
708/28/2014ThursdayApplied Patrol Procedures
718/30/2014SaturdayApplied Patrol Procedures 
729/1/2014MondayLabor Day - No Class
739/2/2014TuesdayCrime Scene
749/4/2014ThursdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
759/6/2014SaturdayCourt Room Testimony
769/8/2014MondayComprehensive Exam #2 - 50 Questions
809/15/2014MondayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
859/23/2014TuesdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
869/25/2014ThursdayResponse to M.I. & Emotional Disturbances
879/27/2014SaturdayResponse to M.I. & Emotional Disturbances
889/30/2014MondayResponse to M.I. & Emotional Disturbances
899/31/14TuesdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
9010/2/14ThursdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule
9110/4/14SaturdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule