S.E.M.P.T.A. Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course

Contact:  S.E.M.P.T.A. Program Director:  Freetown Police Chief Carlton E. Abbott, at (508) 763-4017.
Hours:  Program generally runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings; 6:30PM - 9:30PM and Saturdays; 8:00am - 3:00PM.
Attire:  Academy uniform required.
Cost (including books): $1,500 in the form bank check or money order (only) made payable to SEMPTA.

Classes will be held at the Swansea Police Department unless otherwise noted.

How To Apply

FAX MPTC Recruit Officer Course Application pdf format of Reserve/Intermittent Recruit Officer Course Training
to: (508) 763-4010 and
contact Program Director, Freetown Police Chief Carlton E. Abbott, at (508) 763-4017

17/30/15ThursdayOrientation 3
28/3/15MondayIntroduction to Criminal Justice3
38/5/15WednesdayCommunity Policing CE #13
48/6/15ThursdayConstitutional Law I (intro)3
58/8/15SaturdayIntegrity (AM) Sexual Harras. & Bias Crime (PM)  CE #16
68/10/15MondayConstitutional Law II 3
78/12/15WednesdayConstitutional Law III3
88/13/15ThursdayConstitutional Law IV 3
98/15/15SaturdayConstitutional Law V & VI6
108/17/15MondayConstitutional Law VII3
118/19/15WednesdayConstitutional Law VIII + Review3
128/20/15ThursdayConstitutional Law EXAM1.5
138/22/15SaturdayCriminal Law I & II6
148/24/15MondayCriminal Law III3
158/26/15WednesdayCriminal Law IV3
168/27/15ThursdayCriminal Law VII3
178/29/15SaturdayCriminal Law V &VI6
188/31/15MondayCriminal Law VIII 4
199/2/15WednesdayCriminal Law IX4
209/3/15ThursdayCriminal Law X & Review4
219/5/15SaturdayReport Writing & 3 hrs. Homework Assigned9
229/7/2015MondayLabor Day - No Class 
239/9/2015WednesdayCriminal Law EXAM3
239/10/2015ThursdayTraffic Control CE #13
249/12/2015SaturdayCPR / AED*  8
259/14/2015MondayFirst Responder*3
269/16/2015WednesdayFirst Responder*3
276/17/2014ThursdayFirst Responder*3
286/19/2014SaturdayFirst Responder*6
299/21/2015MondayFirst Responder*3
309/23/2015WednesdayFirst Responder*3
319/24/2015ThursdayFirst Responder*3
329/26/2015Saturday*Motor Vehicle Law(Bike Safety & OUI Enforce) I&II6
339/28/2015MondayMotor Vehicle Law III3
349/30/2015WednesdayMotor Vehicle Law IV3
3510/1/2015ThursdayMotor Vehicle Law EXAM1.5
3610/3/2015SaturdaySex Crimes* (AM) CE #2 & Autism (PM)6
3710/5/2015MondayJuvenile Issues  CE #13
3810/7/2015WednesdayDrug Identification CE #13
3910/8/2015ThursdayInterview & Interrogation  CE #13
4010/10/2015SaturdayArrest & Process (AM) - Suicide Prevention* (PM)  CE #16
4110/12/2015MondayColumbus Day - No Classes 
4210/14/2015WednesdayDomestic Violence I* CE #13
4310/15/2015ThursdayDomestic Violence II*  CE #13
4510/17/2015SaturdayResponse to M.I & Emotional Disturbances6
4610/19/2015MondayDomestic Violence & Victim Rights*  CE #13
4710/21/2015WednesdayComprehensive Exam #1 - 50 Questions1.5
4810/22/2015ThursdayCORI & Technology CE #23
4910/24/2015SaturdayUse of Force & Defensive Tactics I7
5010/26/2015MondayDefensive Tactics I&II3
5110/28/2015TuesdayDefensive Tactics III3
5210/29/2015ThursdayDefensive Tactics IV3
5310/31/2015SaturdayDefensive Tactics V & VI7
5411/2/2015MondayDefensive Tactics VII3
5511/4/2015WednesdayDefensive Tactics VIII3
5611/5/2015ThursdayDefensive Tactics IX & X7
5711/7/2015SaturdayDefensive Tactics XI3
5811/9/2015MondayBasic Crash Investigation & Reporting CE #23
5911/11/2015WednesdayVeterans Day - No Class 
6011/12/2015ThursdayResponse to M.I & Emotional Disturbances3
6111/14/2015SaturdayCrises & Conflict (AM) - Eyewitness ID (PM) CE #26
6211/16/2015MondaySpecial needs / Child & Elder Abuse CE #23
6311/18/2015WednesdaySpecial needs / Child & Elder Abuse CE #23
6411/19/2015ThursdayApplied Patrol Procedures I3
6511/21/2015SaturdayApplied Patrol Procedures II & III6
6611/23/2015MondayApplied Patrol Procedures IV3
6711/25/2015WednesdayApplied Patrol Procedures V3
6811/26/2015ThursdayThanksgiving - No Class 
6911/28/2015SaturdayApplied Patrol Procedures VI6
7011/30/2015MondayApplied Patrol Procedures VII3
7112/2/2015WednesdayResponse to M.I & Emotional Disturbances3
7212/3/2015ThursdayCrime Scene CE #23
7312/5/2015SaturdayCourt Room Testimony CE #26
7412/7/2015MondayComprehensive Exam #2 - 50 Questions1.5
7812/14/2015MondayBT Familiarization3
8112/19/2015SaturdaySFST 8
8312/21/2015MondayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
8412/23/2015WednesdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
8512/24/2015ThursdayNo Class 
8612/26/2015SaturdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
8712/28/2015MondayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
8812/30/2015WednesdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
8912/31/2015ThursdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule 
901/2/16SaturdayClass Makeup or Change in Schedule