• How to enroll in Reserve/Intermittent training:

    To attend a Reserve/Intermittent training program, whether it is a recruit officer (basic) training class or a professional development class, the student must be employed by a police agency or sponsored by a chief of police from a municipal police department as a pre-requisite.

    The MPTC is not involved in either hiring or sponsoring students nor does the MPTC set hiring standards for Reserve/Intermittent officers.  Entry-level hiring standards are left to the discretion of the hiring/sponsoring agency. 

    It is the student’s responsibility to find sponsorship if the student is not employed by a police agency. A student does not need to be sponsored by the chief of police in the community in which the student resides.  For Reserve/Intermittent training, any police chief may sponsor a candidate; it does not need to be the police chief from the applicant’s community.  However, the MPTC is not involved in this process and cannot make recommendations.  When sponsorship is achieved, the department will contact the police academy in which you wish to enroll and will inform the staff of the student’s attendance.

  • Central Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association