REGISTRATION:  You MUST register for this course through the Office of Alcohol Testing. 

Complete this OAT Application pdf format of BTO Registration Application
and E-mail to

Questions, please call our NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER @ 857-377-3030 between 7:30am and 3:30PM.

Length of course:  One eight-hour day

Attire:  Department Uniform or Business Casual

Please make note OAT has moved to the Crime Lab in Maynard.  The new OAT telephone number is 857-377-3030

Visit this Police Academy link for an academy's address and directions.

Police Academy
Police Academy
Police Academy
Police Academy
Western Mass
Police Academy
Other Training Sites
March 29th @ 0830 hrs. FULL  31st @ 0800 hrs. FULL

28th Lowell Training Center
@ 0830 hrs.

29th Medford PD @ 0800 hrs.
April 4th @ 0830 hrs. FULL  7th @ 0830 hrs.

20th @ 0830 hrs.
13th Lowell Training Center
@ 0830 hrs. 
May 4th @ 0830 hrs.   19th @ 0830 hrs.

26th @ 0830 hrs.
June 8th @ 0830 hrs.  1st @ 0830 hrs.

30th @ 0830 hrs.
23rd Lowell Training Center
@ 0830 hrs. 
September     22nd @ 0830 hrs.

28th @ 0830 hrs.

29th @ 0830 hrs.
**PLEASE NOTE - class demand is high and classes fill quickly - open seats today may not be open seats tomorrow.