REGISTRATION:  You MUST register for this course through the Office of Alcohol Testing. 

Complete this OAT Application pdf format of BTO Registration Application
and E-mail to

Questions, please call our NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER @ 857-377-3030 between 7:30am and 3:30PM.

Length of course:  One eight-hour day

Attire:  Department Uniform or Business Casual

Please make note OAT has moved to the Crime Lab in Maynard.  The new OAT telephone number is 857-377-3030

Visit this Police Academy link for an academy's address and directions.

Police Academy
Police Academy
Police Academy
Police Academy
Western Mass
Police Academy
Other Training Sites
September 8th at 0800 hrs - FULL
16th at 0800 hrs - FULL
  4th at 0800 hrs
11th at 0800 hrs
25th at 0800 hrs
Ipswich Town Hall
10th at 1600 hrs

Danvers PD
14th at 0900 hrs - FULL
15th at 1700 hrs - FULL
16th at 0900 hrs - FULL

Lowell Training  Center
22nd at 0830 hrs - FULL

Norwood PD - FULL
23rd at 0830 hrs

Boston North Tech Park - FULL
24th at 0800 hrs
**PLEASE NOTE - class demand is high and classes fill quickly - open seats today may not be open seats tomorrow.