The following information is intended to answer common questions regarding transcripts, and to expedite the processing of your request.

Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.

(Generally, officers request this form for two purposes):

1. You are applying for/have applied for a new job as a police officer or other law enforcement position in another locale and your prospective employer needs verification of your status as a certified police officer in Massachusetts. In this case, you need to provide the following information:

If the employer provided you with written instructions as to the information they require and where it is to be sent, attach that information to the Transcript Request Form. Verify whether you can provide the information directly, if we mail it to you, or whether it is necessary for the information to be mailed directly to the employer/company. If so, provide the name and address and we will mail it directly.

2. You are attending/plan to attend college or university and wish to have your police training assessed by the college for credits, to be applied to your course of study. In this case, you need to do the following:

Provide the name of the school counselor with whom you have been dealing and their exact mailing address. This information should be written on the Transcript Request Form where it says "Where and to whom transcript should be sent." DO NOT put your home mailing address. Nearly every school requires an official document be mailed directly by us to them. If you ask us to mail the transcript directly to you, it means that we will simply have to call you and ask you for the school's mailing address, causing an often lengthy delay in processing your request.

Please be advised : At MPTC Headquarters, we have recruit and reserve training information. We issue certificates for all specialized trainings, in order to provide you with a permanent record of your attendance at these programs. WE DO NOT KEEP COPIES OF THESE CERTIFICATES, NOR DO WE RETAIN ROSTERS OF THESE CLASSES. In the event that you wish any specialized training considered for college credit, please fax or mail copies of your certificates back to us with your Transcript Request Form. We will be happy to include those programs and hours on your transcript, in addition to your basic academy training hours. We have not heard of any school which provides credit for in-service training, and therefore it is not included on your transcript. Examples of specialized training for which colleges will consider credit: 40 or 80 hour DARE, Sexual Assault Investigation, Sergeant's Basic, Crime Prevention, Accident Investigation, Field Training Officer…. Please Note: If you attended a Reserve Academy, please indicate this in the space where it asks for "Academy Attended" and provide the location - this will expedite the record search.