To make a public records request (PRR) of the Municipal Police Training Committee for transcripts, training manuals and other public records requests should be submitted here: Public Records Requests

Training Manuals:

For requests concerning training materials, inclusion of the title of the manual or training materials requested and the approximate date the related training was delivered will expedite the response. Please note: Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Manuals are available on the Office of Alcohol Testing Website.  All other training manual requests require a 6x9 self-addressed, postage-paid envelope in the amount of $1.95 to cover the cost of mailing and should be sent to MPTC Records Analyst, MPTC, 6 Adams Street, Randolph, MA 02368.

Please note: MPTC does not hold training records for the Massachusetts State Police. Please make your request with the Massachusetts State Police Public Records Unit.


If you are an officer looking for a transcript of your own training record, please utilize the transcript request form to submit your request available at this link:

MPTC Transcript Request Form pdf format of MPTC Transcript Request Form

.  If you would like your police training transcript sent to a college or university or a potential employer, please be sure to include the school/employer address in the bottom of the request form.  Most schools will require a sealed transcript mailed directly from the keeper of the records.