The Narcotics Inspection Unit of the Massachusetts State Police falls under the Division of Standards and Training. The Narcotics Inspection Unit is the internal auditing unit responsible for the storage and handling of all controlled substances (narcotics) that come into the custody of the Massachusetts State Police.

The Narcotics Inspection Unit is responsible for the inspection of fifty-nine Massachusetts State Police entities that have evidence lockers and that store controlled substances. Each evidence storage site is inspected twice a year to ensure that the storage and handling of the over 30,000 controlled substance cases in the possession of the Massachusetts State Police are accounted for and are properly stored. The section also maintains the Massachusetts State Police Narcotics Bunker where large seizures of controlled substances are stored until the cases have been adjudicated and ordered destroyed.

Periodically, under the authority of court orders, the Narcotics Inspection Unit destroys controlled substances after a case has been adjudicated. The Destruction of the controlled substances is coordinated with the Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Agency.

The Narcotics Inspection Unit has developed and implemented policies and procedures to enhance the storage and security of all controlled substances. The Unit has developed a mandatory training program that will be provided to all MSP Evidence Officers in the storage and handling of all controlled substances.

The Narcotics Inspection Unit assists in the Federally Funded Marijuana Eradication program in the seizure of large marijuana plants that are often grown in rural areas throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the prosecution of defendants.

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