• Parole Board

    The Massachusetts Parole Board is an agency within the Executive Office of Public Safety authorized to grant paroles, supervise the parolee, and make recommendations to the Governor in regard to pardons and commutations.

  • Field Services Division

    The Field Services Division comprises eight regional parole offices and is responsible for monitoring and supervising all offenders who have been released on parole by the Massachusetts Parole Board.

  • Victim Services Division

    The Victim Services Division ensures post-conviction victim rights as set forth in the Victim Bill of Rights to crime victims and/or their surviving family members throughout the parole process.

  • Transitional Services Division

    The Transitional Services Division prepares all state and county parole release, revocation, and rescission cases to be heard by the Massachusetts Parole Board or one of the agency's hearing examiners and coordinates transition to the community in partnership with other agencies.

  • Warrant and Apprehension Unit

    Among its numerous responsibilities, the Warrant and Apprehension Unit assists regional parole offices in locating and apprehending parolees who have violated their parole conditions and absconded from supervision.

  • Executive Clemency Unit

    The Executive Clemency Unit helps to facilitate the Parole Board's review of petitions for pardons and commutations.

  • Reentry Unit

  • Legal Department