Timothy Zadai, Chief of Field Services

The Field Services Unit comprises eight regional parole offices and is responsible for monitoring and supervising all offenders who have been released on parole by the Massachusetts Parole Board.

Community supervision is regarded as a critical component of the successful reintegration of all former inmates into the community. In 2004, a Regional Reentry Center [RRC ] opened at each of the eight parole offices to assist former inmates not on parole with obtaining housing, employment, personal identification, and other basic needs. Two reentry officers work at each RRC.

Parole officers are responsible for assuring that parolees remain in compliance with the conditions of parole and with any special conditions imposed by the Parole Board. These conditions are designed to structure the parolee's return to the community and to assure the protection of the public. Conditions of parole include maintaining employment and avoiding contact with people known to have criminal records. Special conditions may include mandatory residential or outpatient drug, alcohol, and/or mental health treatment, or avoiding the victim's neighborhood.

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Please note: there is no Region 3 Parole Office
Region 1 Parole Office (Quincy Area)
Region 2 Parole Office (Mattapan Area)
Region 4 Parole Office (Worcester Area)
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