Kevin Keefe, Chief 

Richard Ryan, Deputy Chief

The Field Services Division is comprised of: the Central Administrative Office and the Interstate Compact Unit in Natick, MA; nine (9) statewide Regional Parole/Reentry Offices; and a Warrant and Apprehension Unit.  Each Regional Office/Reentry Office is staffed by a supervisor, an assistant supervisor, parole officers, a reentry navigator, a victim services coordinator, and a word processing operator.  Each region is divided into geographical districts and each district is assigned a parole officer.

Parole officers are responsible for assisting parolees with reintegration into the community and enforcing conditions of parole.  Parole officers are also responsible for the case management and supervision of assigned parolees.  Parole officers are also special state police officers and carry firearms, make arrests, and transport parole violators to custody.