The mission of the Parole Board is achieved by:

* Identifying those parole eligible offenders for whom there is sufficient indication that confinement has served its purposes and setting conditions of parole;

* Providing transitional planning, supervision and assistance to the offender and direction to relevant services that promotes responsible conduct;

* Enforcing compliance with parole conditions through the timely application of a graduated scale of sanctions, including a return to confinement;

* Developing partnerships with applicable federal, state, county and non-profit organizations in an effort to provide a continuum of risk reduction programming to offenders that reduces recidivism, maximizes resources, eliminates duplication and demonstrates fiscal responsibility;

* Striving to understand the concerns of victims and the general public, giving full consideration to these concerns when setting policy and making parole decisions; and

* Giving valuable and timely recommendations to the Governor on matters of executive clemency.