Please use the following email for inquiries, submission of victim and/or community input and any online petitions.

Toll-free Victim's Line: 1-888-298-6272

Director of Victim Services, Diane E. Coffey, 508-650-4512

The Massachusetts Parole Board formed a Victim Services Unit in 1987 to provide crime victims with information pertaining to an offender's post-conviction status. The Victim Services Unit assists victims in the process of obtaining CORI [Criminal Offender Record Information] certification and enabling the victim and/or family members to receive information regarding an offender's status.

A Victim Service Coordinator is assigned to each parole office in the state to provide victims with information about the parole process and notifications of upcoming hearings. Coordinators accompany victims and their family members to parole hearings when victim attendance and participation are allowed.