Contact: 617-376-6269

Daniel Joyce, Supervisor

Lisa Aponte, Word Processing Operator

The Warrant and Apprehension Unit is located at 10 McGrath Highway in Quincy, Massachusetts. Created in 2004, the unit consists of Supervisor Daniel Joyce, Assistant Parole Supervisor Charles Marcelonis, Word Processing Operator Lisa Aponte, and Parole Officers Paul Hartford, Robert Jackson and Jerry Lynch.

The warrant unit assists the regional parole offices in locating and apprehending parolees who have violated their parole conditions and absconded from supervision. The unit also arranges for the apprehension of parolees who have fled the Commonwealth, monitors the LEAPS/CJIS database for criminal activity among parole violators, and enters, modifies, and removes warrants for temporary custody from the system.

The unit is also a 24-hour, on call duty station prepared to react at a moment's notice to urgent cases. In 2006, parole officers from the warrant unit participated in the arrest of 131 parole violators and 73 non-parolees.

The unit maintains a strong partnership with local, state, and federal law enforcement entities. It has taken an active role in the Boston Police Department's "Operation Red Zone," the Weed and Seed partnership between the District Attorney and the New Bedford Parole Office, and Operation Falcon, a nationwide sweep initiated by the United States Marshals that resulted in 443 arrests.

The Top 12 Most Wanted listing is one of the unit's newer initiatives. Supervisors from the regional parole offices throughout the state cooperated with Supervisor Joyce to identify, based on risk level, the twelve most wanted parole violators in Massachusetts and provide the public and local police departments with names, photos, and descriptive information about these parolees. A 24-hour, toll-free hotline has been set up to receive relevant information and tips: 617-799-1870.