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Please be advised Thursday Visits will be cancelled effective Thursday, January 29, 2015 until further notice for operational needs.


The purpose of this procedure is to establish rules and regulations governing visiting at MCI-Norfolk which reflect both the importance of prison visitation and the need for security and order in administering a visiting program.

Facility Information

2 Clark Street
P.O. Box 43
Norfolk, MA 02056
Telephone (508) 660-5900


Local transportation information is posted in the Outer Control Lobby and includes at a minimum the following:

  • Local Taxi Services
  • MBTA Commuter Rail Local Schedules
  • MBTA Local Bus Schedules

Visiting Hours

Visiting Schedule General Population
  • The visiting center is closed Mondays and Fridays.
  • Weekend Alphabetical Restrictions

Visiting sessions on Saturday's and Sunday's will have an alphabetical visiting schedule. Inmates with last names beginning with the letter A through L may only receive visits during the morning session and inmates with last names beginning with M through Z may only receive visits in the afternoon. Sunday's schedule will follow the same pattern,the first (afternoon) session is only for inmates with last names A through L and the second (evening) session only inmates with last names M through Z.


Holiday visiting hours for all holidays will be posted in MCI Norfolk's lobby 30 days in advance and inmates will also be notified via a posting in each living area.

Sunday Visits Visiting days and times may be subject to change. Please call the facility to verify visiting schedules.

11:00 AM Visitors may enter lobby

12:00 PM Request forms accepted for processing (A-L) only

1:00 PM Visiting Room open, visitor processing begins

2:30 PM to 3:15 PM Visitors not allowed to exit Visiting Room

2:40 PM Visitor entry ceases & request form processing for current session ends

3:55 PM Visitors begin to exit Visiting Room

4:00 PM Visiting Room Closed

5:30 PM Request forms accepted for processing (M-Z only)

6:00 PM Visiting Room open visitor processing begins

7:45 PM Request form processing ends

7:50 PM Visitor entry ceases

8:25 PM Visitors begin to exit Visiting Room

8:30 PM Visiting room closed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Visits Visiting days and times may be subject to change. Please call the facility to verify visiting schedules.

11:00 AM Visitors may enter lobby

12:00 PM Request forms accepted for processing

1:00 PM Visiting Room open, visitor processing begins

2:30PM to 3:15PM Request forms not accepted and visitors not allowed

to exit Visiting Room

2:40 PM Visitor entry ceases

3:15 PM Request forms accepted visitor entry resumes

3:50 PM Request form processing for current session ends

3:50 PM Visitor entry ceases

4:00 PM Inmates must leave who are not staying through count

4:10 PM Visitor entry resumes

4:30 PM Visitor entry ceases

4:50 to 5:15 PM Count time, visitors are not allowed to exit Visiting Room

5:30 PM Request forms accepted for processing

6:00 PM Visiting Room open, visitor processing begins

7:45 PM Request form processing ends

7:50 PM Visitor entry ceases

8:25 PM Visitors begin to exit Visiting Room

8:30 PM Visiting Room closed

Saturday Visits Visiting days and times may be subject to change. Please call the facility to verify visiting schedules.

7:15 AM Visitors may enter lobby

7:30 AM Request forms accepted for processing (A-L) only

8:00 AM Visiting Room open, visitor processing beings

10:25 AM Request form processing for current session ends.

10:30 AM Visitor entry ceases

10:55 AM Visiting Room closed

12:00 PM Request forms accepted for processing (M-Z only)

12:30 PM Visiting Room open, visitor processing begins

2:30 PM Request form processing ends

2:40 PM Visitor entry ceases for the day

3:25 PM Visitors begin to exit Visiting Room

3:30 PM Visiting Room closed

V. Separate Housing Visiting Schedule

Special Management Unit (S.M.U.)


ALL S.M.U. visits must be pre-approved. Visits may be scheduled by calling M.C.I. Norfolk at (508) 668-5900 ext. 139, Monday through Friday, 5:30 P.M. and 7:30 P.M. Appointments will not be made more than 48 hours in advance.

  • The S.M.U. Visiting Center can accommodate no more than 3 inmates for each visiting session. A maximum of 2 adults and 2 children may visit an inmate housed in the S.M.U. during each approved session.
  • All S.M.U. visits shall be no contact
  • Upon entering the visiting area, the officer shall direct the visitor where to be seated. When the inmate arrives, he will sit opposite the visitor. The inmate and visitors will pick up the telephones and begin the visit.
S.M.U Visiting Schedule Matrix

The below schedule indicates available Visiting appointments by day. Holiday appointments are the same as a Saturday schedule.











1:05PM to


1:05PM to


1:05PM to





1:05 PM to 2:05PM

1:05PM to


10:05AM to




2:10PM to


2:10PM to


2:10PM to








2:10PM to


12:25PM to




6:05PM to


6:05PM to


6:05PM to





3:15 PM to

4:15 PM

6:05PM to







7:10PM to


7:10PM to


7:10PM to







7:10PM to





Visiting days and times may be subject to change. Please call the facility to verify visiting schedules.

Assisted Daily Living Unit Visits

All visits for inmates in the Assisted Daily Living (ADL) Unit shall occur in the visiting room during normal visiting hours.

The Shift Commander will facilitate the escort of ADL Unit inmates that require assistance and/or escort to/from the visiting room.

  • Family Emergency Visiting Schedule

In the event of a family emergency (death, etc) Inmate visitors may petition the Superintendent in writing or by telephone to arrange a special visit. The Superintendent will determine when and under what conditions the visit will take place. The visitor will be notified in writing.

  • Identification and Sign in Requirements
  • Each adult visitor must obtain and complete a "Request to Visit Inmate" form (Attachment I -English, Attachment II - Spanish). These forms are available in the Outer Control Lobby. Each visitor must complete and sign their own form. The completed form, along with a current and valid government issued picture identification card (e.g., Dept. of Transitional Assistance identification card, passport, driver's license) must be presented to outer control staff for processing.

If the visitor has parked on state property, the registration must be presented to the Officer at the outer control window (even if the visitor did not drive the vehicle).

Completed Request to Visit Forms will be processed on a first come first serve basis and will be held in the control center until the visiting period commences.

All visitors must comply with the dress code which is outlined in the Attachment VII of this procedure.

Entrance and Search Procedures for Visitors

  • Lockers are available to visitors at a cost of one quarter per locker. Each time a visitor secures the locker, they will need to deposit an additional quarter. The Institution is not responsible for money lost in the operation of the lockers or for the safekeeping of the contents of the lockers while in use by visitors.
  • The only items that visitors will be allowed to carry into the Institution are:

Locker keys

Request to Visit Inmate forms

  • One debit card per adult visitor
  • Life saving medications (if approved and declared)
  • Approved jewelry

Prior to entering the Institution, each visitor will be called to the Outer Control window. An Officer will ask each visitor the following questions:

"Did you lock up all unauthorized belongings?"

  • "Do you have any weapons, guns, ammunition, drugs, medication, handcuff keys, money, jewelry, gum or candy or any other unauthorized items?"

An Officer will hand each visitor their completed Request to Visit Form and will instruct each adult visitor to initial question number six on their Request to Visit Inmate form, indicating that the visitor has locked up all unauthorized items. Each visitor shall note their locker number on the locker number line provided on the slip. Visitors must initial their own forms.

Pedestrian Trap Processing

When the Pedestrian Trap door opens, the Officer will stamp the visitor's hand or wrist and process the visitor into the Institution.

Visitors will not be allowed to return to their lockers to lock up unauthorized items once they have entered the pedestrian trap. Any visitor entering with unauthorized items will be denied entry for the day, or longer, depending on the nature of the unauthorized items.

In any case, the Shift Commander shall be briefed on the nature of the unauthorized item. The Shift Commander shall consider the type of contraband, age of the visitor, distance traveled, frequency of visits, (familiarity with institutional rules) etc. before denying entrance to any visitor.

  • Upon entering the Pedestrian Trap, each visitor will be asked to present their completed Request to Visit Form to the officer. All visitors shall remove their belt, shoes, outerwear, (i.e., coats, sweaters, and multiple shirts). An officer will search these items.
  • Each visitor will be directed to walk through a fixed metal detector, a subsequent hand held metal detector search shall also be conducted on all visitors prior to entering the Visiting Center.
  • The Officer will also inspect the collar; sleeve cuffs, waistband, and pants cuffs/hemline and socks.
  • If, after removing all metal items, an individual still cannot successfully pass a metal detector search the Shift Commander shall be notified and asked for permission of an additional search. The visitor shall then be asked if they have any objections to submitting to an additional search. After completing the search process, the visitor will be allowed entrance into the Visiting Center.

Visitors who refuse this search shall be denied entrance until the Superintendent has completed a review of the matter.

Visitor Search of the Day

All visitors may be subject to additional random personal (pat)searches. This search will be conducted in the Pedestrian Trap. The visitor shall sign the Visitor Search Log prior to the search taking place.

Additional Searches

  • All searches beyond that which is conducted by the officer in the Pedestrian Trap shall be approved by the Shift Commander prior to the search taking place.
  • Unless probable cause exists, the primary reason for additional searches shall be to identify the area of interference that led to the failure to successfully pass the metal detector/hand held search.
  • Strip searches of any visitor shall not be conducted without approval from the Superintendent.
  • Upon receiving the search authorization, the visitor to be searched shall be escorted to the search area located adjacent to the pedestrian trap. Males shall search males and females shall search females.
  • The Officer conducting the search shall explain the search process to the visitor.
  • The Officer shall then ask the visitor if they want to submit to the search process. If the visitor agrees, they will be instructed by the Officer to sign the Visitor Search Log.
  • With regard to female searches where the area of interference is in the groin area the following shall apply: If a sanitary napkin and/or a tampon is being worn, the visitor will be required to remove the napkin and/or tampon in the lavatory located in the search area. The Officer will remain present to prevent the removal of contraband and will visually inspect the body area and the napkin/tampon for the presence of contraband. If the Officer is satisfied that no contraband is present, the visitor will be supplied with a new sanitary napkin and/or tampon.
  • The Officer will conduct a thorough search. Once satisfied that no contraband exists, the visitor will be allowed to proceed to the visiting center.

In the event the Officer discovers contraband or there exists probable cause that contraband is being concealed and/or smuggled into the institution, the visitor may be detained as provided under Massachusetts General Laws.

Visiting Room Processing

Once at the Visiting Center entrance, the visitor shall press the doorbell to the visiting room once. The door will be electronically released open and the visitor then enters and hangs up any coats, jackets or outerwear (religious headwear is allowed), etc.

Visitors will then proceed to the first desk and give the Officer his/her request to visit inmate form.

The Officer will then instruct the visitor as to the available seating areas.

  • Five (5) minutes prior to the end of the visiting period, the Officer will announce that visiting hours are ending. The inmate shall ensure his visitors leave the visiting center before the end of the visiting period.
  • Good-byes must be said while inmates and visitors are seated in their seats. Good-byes must be brief so there is no interference with the Officer's view.
  • At the end of a visiting session all visitors shall proceed to the Visiting Room foyer retrieve their articles and the Officer will release the door allowing them to exit. Visitors shall walk down the walkway to the steel door and enter when instructed to do so by Tower staff. Once in the Pedestrian Trap, an Officer will check each visitor's hand stamp and visitors will then be allowed to leave.
Visiting Center Rules and Regulations

Inmates and visitors will sit straight in their seats at all times, this means no sitting sideways or straddling seats.

No sitting with legs crossed over one another's.

Both feet will be on the ground at all times, not on seats.

No lying across, leaning into, or sitting on another's lap or chest area.

No sitting or lying on the floor.

Inmates' and visitors' hands will be in plain sight at all times.

Behavior, which may be offensive to another visitor or inappropriate in the presence of children, will not be tolerated.

Horseplay of any kind by inmates or visitors is not allowed.

All food is to be consumed in the Visitor's Center. Food purchased must be consumed in the Visiting Center or discarded. Food purchases will not be allowed out of the visiting center.

Coats, jackets and hats will not be allowed into the Visiting Center's seating area. All questionable clothing (heavy flannel shirts and certain sport coat/leisure wear) as well as the above mentioned articles of clothing are to be hung in the designated areas for both visitors and inmates. Traditional religious headwear is allowed.

Visitors must conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Any behavior other than what is commonly viewed as a general public showing of affection will be deemed as offensive, may cause the termination of a visiting session and be subject for review by the Superintendent for possible suspension of visiting privileges.

Inmates and visitors are responsible for any trash from vending machine purchases and must dispose of drink containers, snack wrappers, papers, etc. in the receptacles provided by the conclusion of their visit.

Additional Limitations

Smoking and possession of tobacco and tobacco related products are prohibited on state property.

Holiday visits will be counted as visiting periods, the same as any other days.

When visiting space becomes limited due to high volume general population inmate visitors shall limited to a one hour visiting session and will be instructed to leave in order to make space for new arrivals. This shall be done on a first in first out basis.

Visitors are only allowed to visit one inmate.

Visitors and inmates may not cross visit with other visitors or inmates.

Inmates are limited to receive a maximum of two (2) adults and a reasonable number of children per visit. If, in the judgment of the Visiting Center's Officer-in-charge or higher authority, the visiting center is not overly crowded, a third adult may be allowed.

Once a visitor leaves the institution they will not be permitted to visit again on that day.

Inmates will be charged for two visits for all visits that extend through the count.

General population inmates are limited to five visiting periods per week. First and second-degree lifers are limited to ten visits per week.

Inmates staying through the count will not be permitted to leave until movement at 6:00PM.

Visitor Restrooms

Restrooms are available for use in the Visiting Center.

Restrooms are closed 15 minutes prior to the end of all visiting periods. When closed the Visiting Room Officer in Charge. will conduct a review of access on a case-by-case basis.

If the visitor agrees to being searched, they shall record his/her consent by signing the search log kept for that purpose.

Prior to using the restroom visitors shall be forewarned that if they sign the consent to be searched, they are expected to cooperate fully. Failure to do so shall result in suspension of visiting privileges.

If the visitor refuses to allow the search they will not be allowed access to the restroom or to return to their visit and their visiting privileges will be suspended until reviewed by the Superintendent.

< Female Visitor Access to Restroom>


  • Every effort shall be made by the Shift Commander to ensure that a female Correction Officer is assigned to the Visiting Center.
  • In the event that staffing does not permit a female Correction Officer to be assigned to the Visiting Center, the visitor shall be allowed to exit the facility to utilize the ladies' room in the Outer Control Lobby.
  • The visitor shall take any/all garments with her when she leaves the Visiting Center (coat, jacket, etc.).
  • The visitor shall be advised that this procedure is for the sole purpose of utilizing the lavatory. Accessing her locker and/or contact with other visitors (in the lobby) shall be reason to terminate the visit and possibly any future visitation privileges.
  • NOTE: Visitors returning from the ladies room shall not stand in line, but shall go to the head/front of the line to be processed in the pedestrian trap.
  • The normal search procedures shall again apply to that visitor.
  • Upon the successful completion of the searching process, the visitor shall be allowed to return to her visit.

Minor Visitors

Minors are to be accompanied by an adult at all times. At no time will a minor be left unattended in the visiting room or on state property by the parent, legal guardian or any other adult.

Minor visitors do not need to complete Request to Visit Inmate forms. The adults bringing minors to visit may write each minor's name and date of birth at the top of their visiting slip. Each adult visitor must present an original birth certificate for every minor child they are requesting to visit with.

A notarized "Minor Request Form&" (Attachment III) that has been approved and signed by the Superintendent of MCI-Norfolk is required for each minor child with an adult visitor that is not the parent or legal guardian of the minor child. Verbal consent by the parent, even if they are present, is not acceptable.

All visitors, including minors/infants, using the restroom/baby changing area are subject to search. All visitors have the right to refuse to be searched.

Woman visitors requesting to breastfeed their children will be directed to an attorney room for privacy of mother and child only.

The following items may be brought in by adults accompanying infants: two (2) bottles of either milk, juice, formula, or water only, two (2) disposable diapers, one (1) small blanket, one (1) bib, one (1) pacifier, baby wipes in a clear container or clear plastic bag (only enough to adequately cleanse a child)

Attorney/Spiritual Advisors

Attorney/Spiritual Advisors may utilize a private room in the Visiting Room and/or Administration Building Gate. All Spiritual Advisor visits must be approved through the Superintendent's Office.

Medical Provisions

If a visitor requires the use of a medical device such as a walker, wheel chair, cane, etc or has a pacemaker, and or an implanted cardioverter defibrillator, the visitor must show the Officer a note signed by a licensed physician (medical doctor) documenting the medical necessity. Any medical situation, which cannot be resolved, will be referred to the Shift Commander who shall review and approve entry on a case-by-case basis.

Any visitor needing to bring personal life saving medication into the institution may request to do so through Outer Control staff when submitting their request to visit inmate form. Requests will be reviewed/approved by the Outer Control Officer-in-charge on a case-by-case basis. Any visitor approved to enter the institution with medication must declare the medication to staff before entering the Pedestrian Trap.

Inmate Funds

Financial deposits for inmates by visitors can be made daily during normal visiting hours (A receipt will be forwarded to inmate only) Visitors may place check or money order in the provided depository, located in the Outer Control Lobby. Cash deposits are not recommended.

Visitors are prohibited from delivering personal property, clothing, etc. to inmates without approval from the Superintendent.

Vending Machine Debit Cards

Debit cards are located at the entrance lobby in the money card machine. The initial card purchase requires a five-dollar bill to be placed into the machine. By pressing the button, a person will receive a card with $4.50 credited to it (there is a .50 cent refundable charge for the card). Additional monies may be added to the card by inserting the card into the machine and inserting bills up to twenty dollars. At no time may an inmate be in possession of a debit card. MCI-Norfolk bears no responsibility for the debit card system, which is a contracted service through Canteen Corporation. Any problems should be addressed with the company. Contact information for this vendor is posted in the outer control lobby.


Personal vehicles are to be locked and secured in the Visitors

Parking lot located across the street from the institution.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is located in the east parking lot along the left side of the main entrance facing the facility. These spaces are clearly marked and are for handicapped persons (plates/placards required). Use of these spaces by the non-handicapped person may result in the forfeiture of the handicap tags. Vehicles must be legally registered, and may be subject to search.

Inmate Related Matters

In the event that an inmate's visiting privileges have been suspended the inmate shall have access to the inmate telephone system to notify any potential visitors of said suspension.

If the inmate's telephone privileges have been suspended the inmate shall be afforded a supervised telephone call for the sole purpose of notifying any potential visitors of said suspension. This telephone call will be facilitated by the inmate's assigned Correctional Program Officer

Inmates entering the visiting center shall be pat searched.

At the conclusion of each visit all inmates shall be strip searched.

With the exception of the coffee machine, inmates may not be near any vending machines or the microwave area and inmates may not have their visitor's debit cards or locker keys in their possession at any time.

Inmates will be allowed to use a designated bathroom in the visiting room.

All inmates requesting to use the restroom will be strip- searched before and personal pat searched after restroom use.

Inmate Dress Code

Inmate dress code shall be posted in all living areas.

General Population

Pants - blue or black dress slacks, blue or black denim (jean) pants, gray scrub pants only;

Shirts - white, blue or black dress shirts, state issued Chambray or gray scrub shirts only;

T - shirts - white, navy blue, and black only;

Sweaters - gray and blue only;

Footwear - boots, sneakers, or shoes (footwear will be tied at all times);

Belts - traditional belts (no torn material or shoelaces allowed as belts);

Underwear - proper undergarments (under shorts, or thermal underwear and socks,) are required;

Hats - Religious headwear only

One chain/necklace with one (1) religious medal attached to it. A chain/necklace may not be worn inside the Visiting Center if no religious medal is attached.

Only inmates who are legally married will be allowed to wear wedding bands while on visits. The wedding band must be documented on each inmate's property card.

No jewelry of any other kind will be allowed.

All inmates will be neat and clean in appearance at all times while on visits.

All shirts will be tucked in at all times while on visits.

One (1) comb, one (1) handkerchief, and photo ticket will be allowed.

The following clothing may not be worn by inmates on visits:


Sweatshirts or Sweatpants

Shorts of any kind (shorts may not be used as underwear, traditional underwear only).

Nothing may be worn in the hair (hair elastics, hair ties, string, etc.)

No layering of clothing (i.e., no more than one pair of underwear will be worn at one time, no more than one pair of socks will be worn at a time, etc)

Gloves, coats and hats

Altered clothing of any kind

SMU Inmate Dress Code

SMU inmates must wear traditional undergarments, footwear and red scrubs when visiting.

HSU Inmate Dress Code

HSU inmates shall adhere to the general population dress code. Exceptions may be made based on medical need. In this event the inmate shall be provided with suitable hospital issued garments to wear during this visit.

Department of Social Services Supervised Visits

Department of Social Services (D.S.S.) visits may take place during times that are not regular visiting hours.


Provide D.S.S. issued photo identification or driver's license.

Sign into the Outer Control Visitors log, indicate if they have been convicted of a felony and provide their business address only (CORI check is not required).

Provide proof that the child is in D.S.S. custody, which in most cases will be by a Court Order or Mittimus.

Once processed D.S.S. supervised visits will not have to wait behind other visitors to get into the institution. The DSS Social Worker and supervised children will take precedence.

D.S.S. visits when supervising infants shall be allowed to enter with plastic bottles (no glass) containing milk, juice, formula or water. A diaper bag which may contain but not be limited to such essentials as diapers, blankets or small toys and will be subject to search.

Searching D.S.S. Social Workers and Inmate's Children Under Their Supervision

D.S.S. Social Workers - accompanying an inmate's child arriving to visit shall:

Be allowed to enter with a reasonable amount of paperwork, a pencil, and an appointment book, all of which are subject to search.

Not wear clothing that is overly casual or inappropriate in a correctional environment.

Submit to an article and walkthrough metal detector search.

If failing the walkthrough metal detector search be subject to a Personal Search by an employee of the same sex in private, but only with prior approval from the Shift Commander.

The Social Worker may leave the institution rather than submit to a personal search and in the event the Search Officer discovers contraband or there exists probable cause that contraband is being concealed and/or smuggled into the institution; the person may be detained as provided under Massachusetts General Laws.

Children supervised by D.S.S. Social Workers- arriving to visit an inmate parent shall:

Submit to an article and walkthrough metal detector search.

Not be required to remove diapers for "Search Purposes", unless there is reasonable suspicion to conduct such a search and prior approval is given by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

If failing the walkthrough metal detector search, be subject to a Personal Search by an employee of the same sex as the child in private with the supervising D.S.S. Social Worker present, but only with prior approval from the Shift Commander.

Note: The Social Worker may leave the institution with the child rather than submit to a personal search.


An ex-offender is any individual whose Criminal History Systems Board's (CHSB) Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) check reveals that they have, or have had, any type of court case(s). This includes, open cases and closed cases that are either misdemeanors and/or felony convictions. All cases that appear as open, must be closed in CJIS in order for consideration to be given. Paperwork from the court documenting that a case(s) has been closed will not be accepted.

In the event that a potential visitor has been determined to be an ex-offender, they must complete and submit a "Probation Background Information Request and Waiver/Ex-Offender's Application for Visiting Privileges" application to the Superintendent for consideration prior to being allowed to visit. No ex-offender should be allowed to visit without an approved application.

Any ex-offender who is currently on parole or probation must submit a letter with their application from their parole/probation supervisor, on letterhead from that agency, verifying that visiting a correctional facility is not in violation of their parole/probation.

Any ex-offender whose application is denied, will also receive a bar letter from the Superintendent for a bar period not to exceed one year. This information will be entered into the Public Access Security System (PASS) by the Department of Correction's Special Operations Division. In order to be allowed to visit in the future, an ex-offender will have to resubmit the "Probation Background Information Request and Waiver/Ex-Offender's Application for Visiting Privileges&" for approval. Once approved, the ex-offender will also receive a reinstatement notice, reinstating their visiting privileges which had previously been suspended.

The original visiting slip of anyone attempting to visit, who is then determined to be an ex-offender, must be forwarded to the Superintendent's Office along with an incident report detailing why the visitor was not allowed to visit.

Death Notification/Critical Illness of Family Members in the Visiting Room

If an inmate or inmate's family member informs the Visiting Room Staff of a death or critical illness to someone in the inmate's family. The following shall be adhered to:

The inmate's family may request the use of an attorney room.

The Shift Commander will be notified immediately and informed of all pertinent details and the family's request from the inmate's family member (s) to use an attorney room (for a brief period of time up to 15 minutes).

If the Shift Commander approves the use of an attorney room, the Visiting Room Staff will then escort the inmate with his family to an assigned attorney room. The inmate and his family will be granted a brief period of time (up to 15 minutes) in the attorney room. The visiting room staff shall then position themselves outside the room and remain there until the granted time is up. The inmate and his family will then be allowed back into the general population visiting room for the remainder of the visit. The inmate should be monitored by staff during this time.

At the completion of the visit the inmate will be detained pending the notification of C.M.H. If the inmate wishes to speak to C.M.H., he will be escorted by staff to O.P.D. If the inmate chooses not to speak with C.M.H., they should still be notified with the inmate's name, commitment number, housing unit, and a brief description of information.

Visiting Room Staff will then ensure that the following is completed:

  • All information is entered in the activity log on IMS.
  • The inmate's housing unit officer is notified.
  • A brief incident report is submitted.

Superintendent Date


Reviewing Authority Date








(as amended by chapter 770, Acts of 1955)

No person except the Governor, a member of the Governor's council, a member of the general court, a justice of the Supreme Judicial, Superior or District Court, the Attorney General, a District Attorney, the Commissioner, a Deputy Commissioner of Correction, a member of the Parole Board, or a Parole or Probation Officer may visit any of the correctional institutions of the commonwealth without the permission of the Commissioner or the Superintendent of such institution. Every visitor who is required to obtain such permission shall also make and subscribe a statement under penalties of perjury stating their true name and residence, whether or not they has been convicted of a felony, and if visiting an inmate of such institution, their relationship by blood or marriage, if any to such inmate and if not so related, the purpose of the visit.


Anyone who willfully provides false information on the visitation form shall be guilty of perjury and subject to the penalty of imprisonment in a state prison for up to twenty years, or one thousand dollar fine, or imprisonment in a jail for up two and one half years or both imprisonment in jail and a fine. M.G.L. c268 1, 1A.

I request permission to visit:


1) Have you been convicted Yes No 1a) Have you ever been sentenced Yes No

of a felony? to a Correctional facility?

2) What, if any, is your 3) If not related, what is purpose

relationship to the for visit?

above inmate? (ex:wife,son,daughter) (ex:social,bus,atty)

4) Do you visit any other Yes No 5) Are you currently barred Yes No

inmate at this facility? From any correctional facility?

6) I have locked up my car Yes No 7) Have any Minor Children accompanying Yes No

and my valuables. You into the visit been a victim of the

inmate's present or past offense?

8) I have read the rules & Yes No 9) Are you a member of the news media Yes No

regulations regarding visits or a media representative?

posted in the lobby.

9a) If yes, are you visiting for the Yes No

purpose of developing a story for

potential publication or broadcast?

My residence is

(Home Address) Number Street City State Zip

Visitor's True Name

Print Signature


Registration: ID # Type: Date of Birth:











(Enmendadas por los actos de 1941, 1955 y 1962)

Ninguna persona, excepto el Gobernador, un miembro del Concilio del Gobernador, un miembro de la Corte General, un Juez de la Corte Suprema, de la Corte Superior o del Distrito, el fiscal General, el Comisionado, el Diputado del Comisionado de Correccion, miembros de la Junta de Libertad Bajo Palabra, Oficiales de Palabra y Probación, pueden visitar cualquiera institución del Estado, o carcel o Casa de Corrección. Cada visitante que requiere obtener tal permiso deberá tambien hacer y suscribir una declaración bajo la pena de perjurio, estableciendo su verdadero nombre y residencia, si ha sido o no convicto de una felonia y, si vista a un preso de tal institución, su relación, su relación consanguinea o por matrimonio, si alguna, al tal preso y si no hay relación, el propósito de la visita.


Cualquiera que voluntariamente provee información falsa en el formulario de visita será culpable de perjurio y sujeto a la pena de prisión en una prisión del Estado hasts por veinte años, o mil doláres de multa, o prisión en una cárcel hasta por dos años y medio o ambos prisión en una cárcel y multa. M.G.L. c268 1, 1A

Solicito permiso para visitar a:


1) ¿Ha sido usted convicto Si No 1a) ¿Ha sido sentenciado Si No

de una felonia? a una facilidad correccional?

2) ¿Cuál, si alguna, es su 3) Si no esta relacionado cual

relación con el preso? ( Ej:esposa, hijo,hija) es propósito de su visita? ( Ej:Social,negocio,abogado)

4) ¿Visita usted a otro a Si No 5) ¿Ha sido usted suspendido Si No

preso en esta facilidad? De alguna facilidad correccional?

6) Yo he cerrado con llave mi Si No 7) ¿Ha sido alguno de los niños/as Si No

automóvil y objetos menores que lo/la acompañan en la

valiosos visita victima de la ofensa pasada

o presente del preso?

8) Yo leido la reglas y Si No 9) ¿es usted un miembro de la prensa Si No

regulaciones aplicables o un representate del medio?

a visitas puestas en la

En la entrada. 9a) Si su respuesta es "Si", ¿es Si No

Su visita con el proposito de

Desarrollar una historia para

Publicar o distribuir?

Mi domicilio es:

(Casa) Numero Calle Ciudad Estado Zip

Verdadero nombre del visitante:

Letra Imprenta Firma

Registro del vehiculo: Typo deID y Numero: Fecha denacimiento:







Minor Request Form

To the parent(s) or guardian of minor:

Please complete the questions below and have this application notarized. (You must sign in the presence of the Notary Public). Completed applications and copies of the birth certificate must be forwarded to the Superintendent of MCI Norfolk, P.O. Box 43,

2 Clark St., Norfolk Ma. 02056

  • Name of inmate to be visited:________________________________
  • Name of minor(s):___________________________________________
  • Date of birth of minor(s):__________________________________
  • Relationship of minor(s) to inmate:_________________________
  • Any restrictions to be placed on "visit by minor" (i.e., only a specific day, to be escorted by a particular individual, etc.) **Please designate the individual(s) you are authorizing to escort the minor(s) to this facility.

Name and address of parent or guardian:__________________________


Daytime phone number of parent or guardian:______________________

By signing below I am authorizing the above mentioned minor to visit your facility accompanied by the individual(s) designated for the purpose of visiting the inmate listed above.


Signature of parent or guardian Date



Signature of Notary Public Date Expiration

Do not write below this line

> To:____________________________________________________>

Upon reviewing your request for, I have decided to:

( ) Approve ( ) Deny your request effective:_____________



CC: Outer Control





DATE: _______




All visitors using the bathroom facilities are subject to search. All visitors have the right to refuse to be searched. If the visitor agrees to the search, he/she shall record his/her consent by signing this Search Log kept for that purpose. Visitors shall be forewarned that if they sign a consent to a search, they are expected to cooperate fully. Failure to do so shall result in suspension of visiting privileges. Anyone refusing to continue the search will be denied further visiting privileges until he/she receives a letter from the Superintendent.


1. ____________________ __________________________

2. ____________________ __________________________

3. ____________________ __________________________

4. ____________________ __________________________

5. ____________________ __________________________

6. ____________________ __________________________

7. ____________________ __________________________

8. ____________________ __________________________

9. ____________________ __________________________

10. ___________________ __________________________

11. ___________________ __________________________

12. ___________________ __________________________

13. ___________________ __________________________

14. ___________________ __________________________

15. ___________________ __________________________

16. ___________________ __________________________



DATE: _______



Todos Visitantes Usando Los Banos Estan Subjecto A Un Registro

Todos visitantes tienen el derecho de negar a un registro. Si el visitante es de acuerdo a un registro el o ella tienen que firma su nombre en este papel de registro. Todos visitantes que están de acuerdo a un registro tienen que cooperar completamente. Falta de su registro puede resultar en una suspencion de su previligio de visitas hasta que el o ello reciba una carta del supintendente.


1. ____________________ __________________________

2. ____________________ __________________________

3. ____________________ __________________________

4. ____________________ __________________________

5. ____________________ __________________________

6. ____________________ __________________________

7. ____________________ __________________________

8. ____________________ __________________________

9. ____________________ __________________________

10. ___________________ __________________________

11. ___________________ __________________________

12. ___________________ __________________________

13. ___________________ __________________________

14. ___________________ __________________________

15. ___________________ __________________________

16. ___________________ __________________________






Please have a statement, letter or card signed by your physician as to which device you have.