(Security Level Medium)

Douglas DeMoura, Superintendent
965 Elm Street
PO Box 9106
Concord, MA 01742
Phone (978) 405-6100


The Massachusetts Department of Correction has zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment and is committed to preventing, detecting, and responding to such conduct.  The Department shall embrace the standards set forth by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and the American Correction Association for all state correctional jurisdictions.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Resources


As the result of a Legislative initiative and the need to replace aging prison facilities, a new correctional institution was opened in May of 1878 in Concord, with General Chamberlain, a Mexican War Veteran as Warden. Facing criticism that the institution was not producing adequate revenue through its vocational shops, Governor George Robinson signed a bill in 1884 that ordered the return of prisoners to Charlestown State Prison, and established the Massachusetts Reformatory at Concord. This institution became a place where those under the age of thirty could learn a trade to be used upon their return to the community.

In 1893, additional construction added 230 cells to the existing facility, and in 1935, the Farm Dormitory, now known as Northeastern Correctional Center, was officially opened across the street. Twenty years later, the Concord reformatory was eliminated, and the facility was renamed the Massachusetts Correctional Institute at Concord. Since 1980, MCI-Concord has been designated as a medium security facility. It served as the Massachusetts Department of Correction's Reception and Diagnostic Center for all new court commitments of the male offender until June 2009.