Old Colony Correctional Center
(Security Level Medium/Minimum)

Erin C. Gaffney, Superintendent
1 Administration Road
Bridgewater, MA 02324
Phone (508)279-6000

Old Colony Correctional enter

The Massachusetts Department of Correction has zero tolerance toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment and is committed to preventing, detecting, and responding to such conduct.  The Department shall embrace the standards set forth by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and the American Correction Association for all state correctional jurisdictions.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Resources


Old Colony Correctional Center is a high-tech medium security facility located on thirty acres of land at the Bridgewater Correctional Complex, along with Bridgewater State Hospital, Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center, and the Treatment Center. Since Old Colony is not a committing institution, inmates are transferred there from other Massachusetts Department of Correction facilities.

The actual construction of OCCC began in the summer of 1984, and the facility opened in October of 1987. The prison originally consisted of nine cell blocks, six consisting of sixty cells while the remaining three contained thirty cells each. In 1989 construction began for an additional sixty cell modular unit. Each of the sixty cell units have some double bunking because of a daily count consistently above suggested capacity. The facility has a secure perimeter, which consists of a fourteen foot double chain link fence topped with razor wire. Between the double fences are high-tech motion detectors which are part of a microwave system which alerts tower and control room personnel when an intruder passes between the fences. These devices are sensitive enough to detect the motion of rain falling or wind blowing.

Historically, the name of Old Colony dates back to the founding of our Nation, and fosters a sense of hope and "new beginning." In keeping with the Old Colony theme, the housing units within the institution are named after Revolutionary War heroes. Blocks are named for William Dawes, who joined Paul Revere in taking to horseback to warn that "The British are coming!" and for Crispus Attucks, a black Revolutionary and the first man to die in the famous Boston Massacre.

Old Colony Correctional Center Minimum Unit

The Old Colony Correctional Center Minimum Unit is a level 3 secured facility located on the Bridgewater Complex. The Minimum Unit was established in the early 1980's and, prior to July 2002, the Minimum Unit was overseen by Southeastern Correctional Center. As part of the closing of Southeastern Correctional Center, the Minimum Unit is now overseen by Old Colony Correctional Center.