Domestic Violence as a Workplace Issue

On August 1, 1997, former Governor of Massachusetts, Paul Cellucci, issued Executive Order #398 - (Revoked and Superseded by Executive Order #491) , a policy of Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence. The order recognizes the seriousness of domestic violence by providing remedies for victims and provides guidelines for disciplinary action to be taken against employees who may be perpetrating violence against loved ones. Most importantly, this order tells Commonwealth agencies that domestic violence is their business, whether it occurs at work or not. It clearly states that all acts of domestic violence performed by employees, regardless of where they occur, will not be tolerated. Employees committing such acts will be held accountable for their actions.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as the single largest employer in the state, recognizes that domestic violence doesn't stay home. It comes to work and manifests itself in many different ways. Research indicates that 94% of corporate security directors rank domestic violence as a high security problem at their company, domestic violence costs an estimated $3-$5 billion dollars per year in lost productivity, increased turnover and increased sick leave usage. Employee safety, both on and off the job, is of major concern.

For more information about Executive Order #398 - (Revoked and Superseded by Executive Order #491) and responsibilities of Commonwealth agencies, please use the links above.