Pondville Correctional Center

Programs Available at This Facility

Alcoholics Anonymous:  A volunteer facilitated working support program where inmates learn about triggers to their behavior, understand past behavior and learn how to build a new, healthier sober lifestyle.

American Vet Dog:  The Guide Dog Foundation sponsors this program which provides assistance dogs to disabled veterans and active military personnel.

Basic Computer Skills:  This program is designed for participants to master basic computer operation and become proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

Beacon Program: Volunteer facilitated, twelve week program which explores human behavior and emotions with the intent of increasing skills for identifying emotions and developing new strategies and behaviors to respond more effectively.

Children’s Story Hour:  Volunteer facilitated program that promotes interaction between the inmate and child through interactive storytelling and group activities.

Cognitive Skills Workshops:  Volunteer facilitated cognitive-based programs: Active Listening, Programs Solving, Setting Goals, Asking for Help, Assertive Communication, Negotiating, and Using Self Control.

Count Down to Freedom Program: This DVD based program helps recidivism and takes offenders step by step through the transition from incarceration to community integration.  Candid interviews with professional and ex-offenders offer a unique perspective on what offenders should expect to face throughout their journey from incarceration back to society.

Ethics for the Modern Society:  This program encourages the development of ethical thinking skills, communication skills and personal reflection.

Leadership & Transformation Thinking:  The program is a volunteer facilitated program developed by The End Violence Project, which is a non-profit organization with the vision of ending violence without violence.  This program support offenders in successfully transitioning from prison back into society as they join their families and communities.

Money Smart:  This program covers topics such as developing spending plans, budgeting skills, how to choose and maintain a checking account and the basics of building/repairing credit.

Narcotics Anonymous:  Staff supervised, volunteer facilitated discussion/support/fellowship group that focuses on the twelve steps of narcotics anonymous and providing community information as appropriate.

Novel in a Month:  This volunteer facilitated program uses the healing power of creative expression.  The course emphasizes goal-setting and problem solving as methods for completing substantial tasks which otherwise might seem insurmountable.

Passion to Profit: Creating Your Own Business:  Entrepreneurship workshop course introduces students to the fundamentals of small business.  Students will be led through the process of writing their own business plan and developing negotiating, networking, self-preservation and interview skills.

Self Help/Twelve Step Programs:  Volunteer facilitated substance abuse support groups based on abstinence.  Self Help/Twelve-Step programming includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al Anon. Programming is available in both Spanish and English.

The Fatherhood Project:  This volunteer facilitated program takes an educational and clinical approach to improve specific skills needed to develop positive, engaging relationships between incarcerated fathers and their children.

Toastmasters:  Pubic speaking program that enables inmates to develop more effective communication skills.  Through a series of presentations, inmates learn to express thoughts in a clear and non-threatening manner.  Toastmasters are an internationally recognized organization.

Transitioning Forward Discussion Group:  This is an 8 week discussion group where participants will be discussing relevant and current topics, participants reflect on their own lives and can be brought into consciousness and potentially moved to a heightened level of functioning and reasoning.  Through active discussion this program will assist the participants in exercising their mind and reconnecting with the outside world and events.