A Book from Mom: This program is designed to enhance literacy in children.  A children’s library is available for women to select age appropriate books to read during visits with their children.  After the visit, children are allowed to leave the visiting room with a book from Mom.  The child is allowed to receive a new book during each visit to create his/her own personal library at home.  Books are also made available for women to mail home to children during the holidays and on birthdays.

Aid to Incarcerated Mothers: Volunteers from Aid to Incarcerated Mothers provides child custody education workshops and transportation for children from the Boston area to MCI Framingham to visit their mothers.

Child Custody Workshop: Volunteer facilitated 9-week workshop providing training regarding family law issues involving minor children.  The program prepares women to advocate for themselves when addressing custody, adoption, visitation and guardianship.

Children’s Story Hour: Volunteer facilitated program that promotes interaction between the inmate and child through interactive storytelling and group activities.

DCF Visit Coordination: Staff coordinates with the Department of Children and Families & facilitates on site Foster Care Reviews and supervised visits for inmates whose children are in the custody of DCF.  Similar services are provided with child service agencies outside the Massachusetts area.  Services are provided as well for Court Appointed Investigators, Guardian Ad Litem DYS, Residential placement and Adoption Mediators.

Family Day Program: Offered four times per year, structured activities designed by volunteers that allow inmates to interact with their children. 

Family Reunification House: A house located on the grounds at South Middlesex Correctional Center is used for overnight and weekend visits.  Graduates of the parenting education classes are eligible to be screened to participate in the Family Reunification House program at SMCC.  This program allows mothers nearing release to have progressively less supervised visit time with their children.  Support and education, on such topics as healthy nutrition and meal preparation, is provided in this area to aid in attaining a successful mother-child visiting experience..

Fatherheart Program: Volunteer facilitated 8-week faith based program designed to assist offenders in family skills. 

Father’s Parenting Program: Volunteer facilitated 12-week course consisting of classes in moral and legal responsibilities of fatherhood.

Father/Child Homework Assistance Program: This program is designed to create opportunities for positive behavioral change by encouraging a shared experience between a father and his child while fostering an appreciation for education.  The program targets literacy, parenting skills and family rebuilding.

Nuestra Familia: Volunteer facilitated three-month program that focuses on family values through audio/visual presentations, guest speakers and open discussion. This program is geared toward Hispanic inmates.

Parenting Support – Vendor facilitated group that provides a continuum of parenting classes reinforcing the skills developed in Parenting Education.  This group encourages women to take a leadership role in continuing to address the multifaceted aspects surrounding parenting.  This process is aided by the support of the group facilitator.

Parenting Education Program: Vendor facilitated five-week, ten-session group that addresses issues regarding understanding the development and behavior of children.  It also deals with instilling courage and self-esteem, problem solving, effective discipline, and preventing substance abuse.

Parenting/Family Services: Volunteers and staff provide programs, which range from skill building, basic education, and reintegration information to support groups. 

Parents Anonymous/Parenting Support: Volunteer facilitated child abuse prevention self-help program offered weekly. 

Read to Me Daddy Program: A staff and volunteer facilitated program where the male offenders are assisted in selecting a book that is age appropriate and speaks to their child’s interest level.  The male offender is then filmed while he reads the book and when the video is finished both the book and video tape are mailed to the child.

Read to Me Mommy Program: Chaplain facilitated program where the female offenders are assisted in selecting a book that is age appropriate and speaks to their child’s interest level.  The female offender is then filmed while she reads the book and when the video is finished both the book and video tape are mailed to the child.

Women's Visiting Trailer: On-site trailer located at the level 2/3 female facility used for overnight and weekend visits between female inmates and their children. The inmates are required to successfully complete the Parenting Education Program before being eligible for this program. In addition, there are various resources and support services that work with the offender and their child(ren) while participating in the Visiting Trailer Program.