(Departmental Services)

Religious Services

The Department provides a variety of religious services, which are supervised and coordinated by chaplain staff. Volunteer clergy and community churches assist chaplains in the provision of services. Chaplains provide regular religious services, religious education and pastoral care. In addition, chaplaincy services include Bible Study, Prayer Groups, Christian Fellowship, Christian Twelve Step, Parenting Groups, Family Religious Services, Religious Seminars and Holiday Observances. The Department recognizes that Chaplaincy Services are important in changing criminal behavior by helping the inmate develop prosocial values.

Recreation Services

The Department offers a variety of recreational activities and competitions, which are coordinated and supervised by recreation officers and other staff. Intramural athletic leagues are organized in seasonal sports such as basketball, softball and volleyball. Community based athletic teams periodically compete with level five and below custody inmates. Through a public performance video contract, the Department is licensed to show movies from a list of approved studios. Procedures are in place to ensure that selected movies are appropriate for the inmate population.

Volunteer Services

There are currently approximately 1,453 volunteers providing a variety of services that supplement established departmental programs. Volunteer services include religious, self help, support groups, literacy, and cultural awareness. Volunteer Services enhance programming and the process of reintegration by disrupting the delinquency network and providing inmates with a network of prosocial community members and activities.