Bible Study : Chaplain and/or volunteer run Bible study.

Christian Action Fellowship Program : A weekly ecumenical fellowship conducted by volunteers designed to foster Christian attitudes & growth and provide a forum in which spiritual issues can be discussed.

Christian Book Review: Volunteer coordinated program designed to read and discuss Bible-based books and look for ways to apply what is learned to real life situations.

Church of God Spanish Services: A staff supervised program that provides Bible study, sermons, testimonies, spiritual music and religious counseling.

Church of Latter Day Saints: Staff supervised program that provides inmates with the opportunity to practice the Mormon faith.

Cross Current: Staff and volunteer facilitated 8-week bible study program focusing on developing believers in Christ.

Deep and Simple Group: Volunteer facilitated program based on the books "Deep and Simple" and "We're All Doing Time" by Bo Lozoff. It is a discussion-orientated program that is intended to help inmates come to terms with longtime incarceration as well as develop a sense of purpose and self-worth. The program also encourages the pro-social development of spiritual growth. Inmates who are aware of their own anger and substance abuse issues are targeted for participation.

Emotional Awareness and Healing: Volunteer coordinated program designed to foster emotional and spiritual growth and promote responsibility and accountability toward ones self and others. Inmates are also taught skills to reduce disruptive behavior.

Fellowship: Meetings held for the purpose of spiritual discussion and fellowship.

Fully Alive Program: Staff coordinated, volunteer facilitated program that focuses on spiritual growth and choosing responsible living. Topics include relationships, recovery, anger management and understanding the relationship between attitudes, choices and consequences.

Growing Together: This is a three-phase program, which uses communication to help inmates grow spiritually, develop community growth and live in a more peaceful atmosphere within the institution.

Jehovah's Witness Program: Staff supervised, volunteer facilitated program during which Jehovah Witness volunteers meet with inmates to conduct a Bible Study session for the purpose of providing further opportunities for spiritual growth and health.

Native American Spiritual Circle: Volunteer coordinated program offered once daily during which a circle is formed to participate in Native American spiritualism. Inmates and volunteers also celebrate the Solstice four times per year.

The Neocatechumal Way: Staff supervised eight-week program teaching the basics of the Catholic faith.

Prison Fellowship "Going for the Gold" Seminar: Volunteer coordinated biblically based seminar on planning life after prison.

Spanish Bible Study : Chaplain and/or volunteer facilitated Spanish Bible study.

Spanish Worship Services: Volunteer facilitated Spanish worship religious services

Teaching Christian Values to Your Children: Staff coordinated, volunteer facilitated program designed to provide inmates the basic skills necessary to articulate and teach Christian values to their children.

Victory in Spiritual Warfare Program: Staff facilitated twenty-six week Christian Bible study program