Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings with DYS: Volunteer and staff facilitated program during which AA meetings are conducted between MCI Plymouth inmates and DYS juveniles in the hope that the DYS juveniles will receive a clearer perception of what continued use of substance abuse and criminal activity could lead to.

AL-ANON: Volunteer supervised substance abuse program designed to help family members of alcoholics. The goal of this program is to offer an opportunity for the inmates in the Cadre Unit to gain knowledge from the experiences of outside volunteers with similar background issues as their own. This program is geared toward the special needs patient population at the State Hospital.

A Way of Life: Weekly open discussion substance abuse program.

Christian 12 Step: DOC Chaplain facilitated AA & NA program which incorporates Christian principles.

First Step Program: Vendor facilitated two-phase detoxification and residential substance abuse treatment unit for detainees and inmates. This program is designed to provide initial substance abuse education and comprehensive discharge planning.

In-Cell Video Program:Staff coordinated program for which a comprehensive video library has been established to enable inmates to access substance abuse, life skills, anger management and other programming.

Introduction to Twelve Step Programming: Vendor facilitated four week, twelve session program designed to teach inmates how to access and utilize twelve step programming to enhance their recovery.

The Most Excellent Way: Biblical-Christian based program at MCI Shirley facilitated by DOC Chaplain focusing on the "Ten Attitudes of Victorious Living".

Rational Recovery Program: Volunteer facilitated substance abuse program, based on the premise that 12 Step programming fosters dependency.

Relapse Prevention: Vendor facilitated eight week, twenty-four session program designed to assist inmates in identifying those high risk situations that may lead to relapse and teach them skills to address these situations without relapse.

Self Help/Twelve Step Programs: Volunteer facilitated substance abuse support groups based on abstinence. Self Help/Twelve-step programming includes Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al Anon. Programming is available in both Spanish and English.

Steps to Recovery: Short-term substance abuse treatment program for female inmates at MCI Framingham and South Middlesex Correctional Center designed for the female offender addict, and services the gender-specific and unique characteristics displayed by female offenders. Included among the primary treatment goals of this program is: abstinence from alcohol and other drugs; recognizing one-self as an alcoholic/addict; confronting and breaking through denial; beginning the recovery process; maintaining sobriety; and the promotion of pro-social norms and behaviors.