Find out about Volunteer Opportunities.

African American Cultural Studies Series: Lecture series on African American History, Law, Economics and Art.

Alternatives to Violence (AVP): Program that teaches inmates how to reduce violence by introducing ways of resolving conflict and therefore reducing the need to resort to violence. Workshops focus on conflict resolution.

American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Courses: Program providing inmates information and training about First Aid and CPR.

Anger Management Education: Six-week program that focuses on managing anger and preventing violence.

Bible Study: Chaplain and/or volunteer run Bible study.

Christian Action Fellowship Program: A weekly ecumenical fellowship conducted by volunteers designed to foster Christian attitudes & growth and provide a forum in which spiritual issues can be discussed.

Christian Book Review: Volunteer coordinated program designed to read and discuss Bible-based books and look for ways to apply what is learned to real life situations.

City Mission Fellowship: Weekly meetings are held to discuss various topics and issues. Audio/visual presentations and guest speakers are used to guide and stimulate discussion.

City Mission Society: A weekly arts and crafts program from which an inmate newsletter is published.

Creative Writing: Teaches basic English Composition covering expository, descriptive and narrative writing, dialogue, and short stories.

Cross Current: Staff and volunteer facilitated 8-week bible study program focusing on developing believers in Christ.

Deep and Simple Group: Volunteer facilitated program based on the books "Deep and Simple" and "We're All Doing Time: by Bo Lozoff. It is a discussion-orientated program that is intended to help inmates come to terms with longtime incarceration as well as develop a sense of purpose and self-worth. The program also encourages the pro-social development of spiritual growth. Inmates who are aware of their own anger and substance abuse issues are targeted for participation.

Emotional Awareness and Healing: Volunteer coordinated program designed to foster emotional and spiritual growth and promote responsibility and accountability toward ones self and others. Inmates are also taught skills to reduce disruptive behavior.

Fully Alive Program: Staff coordinated, volunteer facilitated program that focuses on spiritual growth and choosing responsible living. Topics include relations, recovery, anger management and understanding the relationship between attitudes, choices and consequences.

Jehovah's Witness Program: Staff supervised, volunteer facilitated program during which Jehovah Witness volunteers meet with inmates to conduct a Bible Study session for the purpose of providing further opportunities for spiritual growth and health.

Job Search: Eight-week program designed to prepare inmates for job searching upon release. Topics include developing realistic expectations, utilizing employment resources, identifying interests, skills and values and preparing for interviews.

Kids Corner: Local churches supervise structured activities for the children of inmates in the visiting room. No inmates are allowed in this area.

Literacy for Adults: Literacy program designed to provide one-on-one basic reading and writing instruction to the inmate population. Volunteers are trained and certified using the methods and materials developed by Literacy Volunteers of America.

Menswork: Eight to twelve week program designed to provide creative educational services which support the personal and social rehabilitation of convicted offenders.

National Education for Assistant Dog Services-Puppy Program: An 18-month program designed to utilize inmate handlers to teach dogs basic obedience and other skills needed to prepare them for future "careers" as Service Dogs assisting people who are physically disabled. Following their training with the inmates, the dogs will then learn the more advanced Service Dog skills at NEADS' National Assistance Dog Training Campus in Princeton, MA.

Native American Spiritual Circle: Volunteer coordinated program offered once daily during which a circle is formed to participate in Native American spiritualism. Inmates and volunteers also celebrate the Solstice four times per year.

New Freedom Program: An educational and therapeutic substance abuse and behavioral health in-cell study program which addresses coping skills, risk factor management and relapse prevention.

Nutrition Series: Program at NECC consisting of three workshops: Weight Loss without Starvation; Diet for a Healthy Heart; and Power Eating - Building Muscle Not Fat.

PEN New England (Poets/Playwrights, Essayists/Editors, Novelists: The programs basic assumption is that sustained and supervised practice in imaginative and creative writing in all its various forms will help the participating inmate become a more reflective person and inclined to see the consequences and implication of any action. Also, the program attempts to increase the inmate's overall capacity for using language as an effective mode of communication in the world.

Prison Fellowship "Going for the Gold" Seminar: Volunteer coordinated biblically based seminar on planning life after prison.

Prison Voices: This program is designed to confront school age children, young adults and children committed to DYS with the reality and consequences of becoming involved in criminal behavior. Inmates meet with children and young adults in the prison setting.

Smoking Cessation Program: Designed to help inmates stop smoking by providing inmates with the essential information and strategies needed to direct their own efforts at stopping. Inmates are educated on the effects of smoking and second hand smoke.

Spanish Bible Study: Chaplain and/or volunteer facilitated Spanish Bible study.

Spanish Worship Services: Volunteer facilitated Spanish worship religious services.

Teacher Assistance Program: Through the coordination of the Catholic Chaplain at MCI Framingham and South Middlesex Correctional Center, the volunteers will reach out to 8-12 primary school teachers about classroom needs, bulletin boards, posters, classroom decorations and other projects similar in nature. This program will benefit various communities by providing school districts and teachers with a resource to help with the classroom aids. Inmates benefit by providing them with the opportunity to participate in a positive and meaningful activity that benefits the community.

Teaching Christian Values To Your Children: Staff coordinated, volunteer facilitated program designed to provide inmates the basic skills necessary to articulate and teach Christian values to their children.

Toastmasters: Public speaking program that enables inmates to develop more effective communication skills. Through a series of presentations, inmates learn to express thoughts in a clear and non-threatening manner. Toastmasters are an internationally recognized organization.