Carol Mici, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Classification

c/o Correctional Industries

P.O. Box 188

Norfolk, MA 02056

Phone: (508) 850-7745

The mission of the Classification Division is to maximize public safety, successful community reentry and institutional order by effectively and objectively identifying the security level and programmatic needs of each inmate based on available resources as governed by the department policy, rules and regulations, and statutory requirements.

Inmates are classified using an objective point base classification system. An objective point base classification system is the standardized evaluation and custody assignment of an inmate based on objectively defined criteria. The criteria are weighed, scored, and organized into a valid and reliable classification instrument. Any applicable restrictions or overrides are applied in a systematic manner and are monitored for appropriateness.

The Classification Division consists of the following Units:

Transfer Unit

The Transfer Unit manages the Departments bed space on a daily basis ensuring efficient use of all available beds. Working closely with correctional facilities and the Department's Central Transportation Unit, the Transfer Unit coordinates the transfer of all inmates.

Central Date Computation Unit

The Central Date Computation Unit processes and monitors inmates' commitment orders and release dates. The Department is in the process of centralizing date computation to a system where dates will be calculated from "commitment to release" by date computation experts in central office. Staff within this unit ensure inmate dates are computed timely and accurately, that releases occur timely and that outstanding legal issues are followed up on immediately. This unit reviews all institutional requests for Certificate of Discharge/Release for accuracy, thoroughness and compliance with Massachusetts General Law and is the Commissioner's designee for final releases.

Data Collection Unit

The Data Collection Unit works closely with the District Attorneys, the Massachusetts State Police, local Police Departments and the Massachusetts Board of Probation to track and collect official versions of inmates' offenses in order to appropriately house and classify them.

Central Records Unit

The mission of Central Records Unit is to provide accurate information to authorized person/agencies in compliance with all laws, policies and procedures.

The Central Records Unit maintains the inactive institutional six-part record(s) of all released inmates from January 2008 - forward. In addition, the Central Records Unit provides support to the Central Date Computation Unit and the Records Department at each facility.

The Central Records Unit Manager is the Keeper of Record for the Department of Correction and may testify as to the authenticity of an inmate's prior commitments. The Central Records Unit is also the liaison for the Social Security PUPS program.

County, Federal and Interstate Unit

The County, Federal and Interstate (CFI) Unit is responsible for tracking, coordinating transfers and transportation of inmates to and from County, Federal and out of state facilities. Transfers are done via the classification process and in accordance with Department policy, 103 DOC 419 Federal/Interstate Compact. All out of state and federal referrals are processed by the CFI Unit.

Victim Services Unit

The DOC VSU serves the victim community by automatically disseminating important information to individuals who become certified petitioners. As a victim, family member of a victim, witness, or other concerned individual, it is important to understand that certification is the only means by which you will receive automatic notification of certain changes in the custody status of an offender. Applications for certified petitioner status are submitted to the Criminal History Systems Board, the agency responsible for approving certifications. The process is simple, quick and confidential.

To apply for certification or learn more about it, please contact the VSU at: 978-369-3618

Sex Offender Unit

The Sex Offender Unit ensures compliance with Massachusetts General Laws chapter 123A, section 12(a) pursuant to the commitment of sexually dangerous person(s) by identifying and referring all eligible inmates to the Attorney General as well as the respective District Attorney(s). The Sex Offender Unit also completes all public safety notifications regarding released sex offenders from custody to the community.