Jeffrey J. Quick, A.I.A., Director
Central Headquarters
50 Maple Street, Suite 3
Milford, MA  01757

The Division of Resource Management is responsible for all capital projects within the Department of Correction. This includes the planning and management of all feasibility studies, design development, construction and infrastructure projects, deferred maintenance, emergency repairs, and the Clean States initiative. Many of these projects are coordinated with the Commonwealth's Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) and other State or Federal agencies.

The Division is organized as follows: Director, Facility Management, and Construction and Compliance.

Jeffrey J. Quick, A.I.A. (508) 422-3661
The Director oversees the day-to-day functioning of the DRM and is responsible for interacting with facilities, institutions, divisions, and other State and Federal agencies. The Director is also responsible for the oversight of the Department's Energy Initiative program, which has reduced the Department's energy consumption by as much as 20% and is expected to increase within the next 5 years to up to 45% with pending projects.

Periodically, the Director develops the DOC Strategic Plan on Overcrowding, which reviews all available data on inmate population and the design capacity in an attempt to address the Commonwealth's present and future overcrowding situation.

Deputy Director – Milford Office
The Deputy Director at the Milford Office is responsible for projects pertaining to the construction, addition, or rehabilitation of facilities and institutions and focuses in mechanical and electrical projects including power plant utility. Particular attention is given to sustainable and renewable energy and critical infrastructure projects.

Projects pertaining to the physical security of facilities and institutions (i.e., perimeter security systems and fencing) also fall under the purview of this unit.

Deputy Director - Concord Field Office
The DRM Concord Field Office is responsible for planning and management infrastructure and emergency projects within the DOC's facilities and institutions and focuses on civil and structural projects including waste water, potable water and underground utility.

This unit, in conjunction with the facilities, is implementing the computerized Capital Asset Management Information System (CAMIS), which is intended to provide a proactive response to the Department's infrastructure and deferred maintenance needs.