Patrick DePalo, Chief
Office of Investigative Services
50 Maple Street – Suite 3
Milford, MA 01757

The Office of Investigative Services is comprised of four units:

Fugitive Apprehension Unit

The Massachusetts Department of Correction’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit was formed in January of 1983 assuming responsibilities for the arrest of escaped inmates from the former Security Management Team. The primary duty of this Unit remains the investigation and arrest of those inmates who escape from DOC custody. Historically this Unit has worked closely with the Massachusetts State Police’s Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section. This is a partnership which has proved mutually beneficial to both agencies. In addition to these responsibilities, members of the Fugitive Unit serve on state and federal task forces, developing and sharing intelligence.

Central Intelligence Unit

The Central Intelligence Unit is responsible for collecting analyzing and disseminating correctional and security threat group intelligence and maintaining such information on a centralized database. In accordance with the Department’s mission, the Central Intelligence Unit maintains a safe and secure operation for staff, visitors, inmates and the general public by identifying and monitoring security threat group activity.

Criminal Prosecution Unit

The Criminal Prosecution Unit ensures that the commission of criminal activities as they relate to correctional institutions are handled in accordance with all applicable state laws, local laws, and Department polices, and that a review is completed of all incidents following the commission of a felony without reasonable delay, unless there are exceptional circumstances for delaying such actions.

Internal Affairs Unit

It is the Department's philosophy that all complaints of staff misconduct are to be investigated thoroughly and expeditiously with the ultimate goal of discovering the truth. The Department's success depends on the personal integrity and discipline of its employees. Public image is determined, in part, by the Department's professional response to allegations of misconduct against it or its employees. All investigations shall be conducted in a manner that respects the Department's employees as well as all witnesses, including inmates.