Rhiana Kohl, Executive Director
Office of Strategic Planning & Research
Research & Planning Division (Director position, vacant)
P.O. Box 9125, SFU Building
Concord, MA 01742-9125
Phone (978-405-6670)
Fax (978-405-6680)

The Research and Planning Division develops and provides an array of statistical information, trend analyses, reviews of research literature and evaluations, including numerous weekly, quarterly and annual reports, which guide planning, management decisions, policy development, legislation and operational prison services. DOC research staff are dedicated to the timely production of objective, reliable, and relevant findings that can be readily applied to the work in corrections and the criminal justice community. The Research Division also assists external researchers and stakeholders with inquiries and research related projects, including the review and monitoring of external studies conducted within the Department. Research Division staff also conduct research and evaluation studies of correctional policies, practices, and programs, often in partnership with colleagues within and/or external to the DOC.