Report #

Title - Author - Date Published

379Evaluation of the Pre-Parole Residential Environment Phase (PPREP) Program pdf format of eval_379.pdf
file size 2MB - Knight, May '94
344Correctional Alcohol Treatment Centers: An Impact Evaluation pdf format of eval_344.pdf
- Nardone & Forcier, Dec. '89
339Evaluation of Substance Abuse Programming at MCI-Cedar Junction Volume 2: Impact Evaluation of The Program Unit for Substance Abusers pdf format of eval_339.pdf
file size 4MB - Rocheleau & Forcier, Aug. '89
336Testing the Implementation of a Point-Based Classification System: A Comparison of DOC Initial Classifications with the NIC Model Systems Approach pdf format of eval_336.pdf
file size 1MB - Forcier & White, Feb. '89
333Survey of DOC Staff Perceptions of the Inmate Classification System Final Report pdf format of eval_333.pdf
file size 1MB - Forcier, Aug. '88
331Statistical Bulletin on Escapes for 1987: A Profile of Escapes and Returns from Escape During 1987 and Individuals on Escape Status on December 31, 1987 pdf format of eval_331.pdf
- Holt, Jun. '88
327Evaluation of Substance Abuse Programming at MCI-CEDAR Junction Volume 1: Process Evaluation of the Program Unit For Substance Abusers and SPAN, Inc. - Rocheleau & Forcier, Jun. '88
320Statistical Bulletin on Escapes For 1986: A Profile of Escapes and Returns From Escape During 1986 and Individuals on Escape Status on December 31, 1986 - Holt, Dec. '87
314Survey of Research and Evaluation Priorities of DOC Central Office Administrators and Institutional Administrators - Forcier, Aug. '87
311AThe Use of Prison Confinement For the Treatment of Multiple Drunken Driver Offenders: An Evaluation of the Longwood Treatment Center - 'Executive Summary' pdf format of eval_311A.pdf
- LeClair, Felici & Klotzbier, Jun. '87
311BThe Use of Prison Confinement For the Treatment of Multiple Drunken Driver Offenders: An Evaluation of the Longwood Treatment Center pdf format of eval_311B.pdf
file size 6MB - LeClair & Felici, Jun. '87
309AA Joining Incarcerated Mothers With Their Children: Evaluation of the Lancaster Visiting Cottage Program - 'Executive Summary' pdf format of eval_309A.pdf
- Rocheleau, Jun. '87
309BJoining Incarcerated Mothers With Their Children: Evaluation of the Lancaster Visiting Cottage Program pdf format of eval_309B.pdf
file size 4MB - Rocheleau, Jun. '87
304Statistical Bulletin on Escapes for 1985: A Profile of Escapes and Returns from Escape During 1985 and Individuals on Escape Status on December 31, 1985 pdf format of eval_304.pdf
- Holt, Dec. '86
293Inmates in the Departmental Segregation Unit pdf format of eval_293.pdf
file size 1MB - Rocheleau, Mar. '86
286The Higher Education Prison Program: The First Ten Years pdf format of eval_286.pdf
file size 1MB - Tobin, Dec. '85
278Operating Under the Influence: Programs and Treatment for Convicted Offenders pdf format of eval_278.pdf
- Moore, Aug. '85
277A Description of Work Release Job Placements from Massachusetts State Correctional Facilities During 1982 pdf format of eval_277.pdf
file size 1MB - Miller, Jan. '85
276Norfolk Drug Treatment Programs: A Process Evaluation pdf format of eval_276.pdf
file size 2MB - Rocheleau, Sept. '84
266Patterns of Enrollment in Adult Education Programs During Incarceration pdf format of eval_266.pdf
file size 1MB - Holt, May '84
260A Typology of Older Prisoners in Massachusetts State Correctional Facilities 1972 - 1982 pdf format of eval_260.pdf
- Tobin & Metzler, Aug. '83
208Validation Study Final Report: Phase III pdf format of eval_208.pdf
- Holt & Cronin, Oct. '80
205Reach Out: A Review of Relevant Literature and a Statistical Description of Inmate Participants pdf format of eval_205.pdf
- Landolfi, Sept. '80
200An Evaluation of Compliance and Process Description of the Care About Now (CAN) Program pdf format of eval_200.pdf
- Jones, Jul. '80
195Validation Study Phase I Final Report pdf format of eval_195.pdf
- Holt, Jun. '80
189Evaluation of Area Board Classification at the Massachusetts Department of Correction Interim Report IT: Correlates of Classification Recommendations and Decisions pdf format of eval_189.pdf
file size 2MB - Chayet & Jones, Feb. '80
186Salient Factor Scores: An Aid to Administrative Prediction pdf format of eval_186.pdf
file size 1MB - LeClair, Metzler , & Landolfi, Feb. '80
175A Follow-Up Evaluation of the Pre-Release Training Experience (TNT) pdf format of eval_175.pdf
file size 1MB - Wittenberg, Jun. '79
171Evaluation of Area Board Classification At The Massachusetts Department of Correction Interim Report 1: Process Description and Statistical Summary pdf format of eval_171.pdf
- Chayet, Apr. '79
170The Institutional Experience of Major Violators in Massachusetts pdf format of eval_170.pdf
file size 1MB - Chayet, Apr. '79
168A Study of the Reception and Diagnostic Process of the Massachusetts Department of Correction pdf format of eval_168.pdf
file size 6MB - Research, 1979
154Work Release in an Institutional Setting: The Experience at MCI-Concord pdf format of eval_154.pdf
- Wittenberg, Jun. '78
153Impact Evaluation - Volume III New Line Classification During Its First Year of Operation pdf format of eval_153.pdf
- Chayet, Jun. '78
142Impact Evaluation-Volume 11 Supported Work: The Implementation of a Transitional Employment Enterprise pdf format of eval_142.pdf
file size 1MB - Chayet, Sept. '77
141A Study of the Community Based Classification Boards October to December, 1976 pdf format of eval_141.pdf
- Wittenberg, Sept. '77
140AA Study of Co-Educational Correctional Facility pdf format of eval_140A.pdf
file size 6MB - Boston University, May '75
140BThe Effects of A Co-Educational Correctional Facility: A Continued Analysis pdf format of eval_140B.pdf
file size 4MB - Boston University, 1976
140CA Study in a Co-Educational Correctional Facility Differential Effect of Psychotherapy and Other Programs - Boston University, Apr. '77
138The Concord Achievement Rehabilitation Volunteer Experience: An Evaluation pdf format of eval_138.pdf
file size 1MB - Farrington & Wittenberg, Aug. '77
134Development of Base Expectancy Prediction Tables for Treatment and Control Groups in Correctional Research - LeClair, Aug. '77
131Impact Evaluation - Volume I The Experience of Pre-Release Training pdf format of eval_131.pdf
file size 1MB - Chayet, May '77
105A Profile of Characteristics Distinguishing Between Program Completers and Program Non-Completers in Massachusetts Pre-Release Centers pdf format of eval_105.pdf
file size 1MB - LeClair, Nov. '75
104A Comparison Between Pre-Release Program Completers and Non-Completers at Massachusetts Halfway Houses, Inc. pdf format of eval_104.pdf
- Landolfi, Oct. '75
101An Evaluation of the Norfolk Fellowship pdf format of eval_101.pdf
- Cannon, Jun. '75
97BA Study of A Co-Educational Correctional Facility pdf format of eval_97B.pdf
- Boston University, May '75
80A Comparative Analysis of Some Characteristics of County Parolees Under the Jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Parole Board Between 1972 and 1973 pdf format of eval_80.pdf
- Greenfield & Purin, Jan. '74
78Interim Report on Community Rehabilitation Center pdf format of eval_78.pdf
file size 2MB - Landolfi, Apr. '74
75First Degree Murder, the Post Conviction Experience in Massachusetts pdf format of eval_75.pdf
- Cannon, Mar. '74
54A Study of the Departmental Segregation Units pdf format of eval_54.pdf
- Patrician, Aug. '72
53Summary Evaluations of Work Release Programs in the United States pdf format of eval_53.pdf
- LeClair, May '72
52An Evaluation of the Impact of MCI-Concord Day Work Program pdf format of eval_52.pdf
file size 1MB - LeClair, Jul. '72
51A Study of Community-Based Correctional Needs in Massachusetts pdf format of eval_51.pdf
file size 1MB - Cohen, Jun. '72
48The Geographical Distribution of Offenders Released from the Massachusetts Correctional Institutions: A Study of the First Residence After Release pdf format of eval_48.pdf
- Bourgeois, Feb. '72
47A Supplementary Report on the Self-Evaluation Project at MCI-Concord pdf format of eval_47.pdf
- Callahan, 1971
46Some Notes on Death Row and the Death Penalty in Massachusetts pdf format of eval_46.pdf
- Callahan, Jun. '71
45A Preliminary Report on the Self-Evaluation Project at MCI-Framingham pdf format of eval_45.pdf
- Callahan & Carney, Feb. '71
42An Analysis of Massachusetts Forestry Camps pdf format of eval_42.pdf
- Hyler & Labbe, Dec. '70
40A Preliminary Report of the Self-Evaluation Project at the Three Massachusetts Forestry Camps pdf format of eval_40.pdf
file size 1MB - Callahan & Carney, Sept. '70
39Characteristics of Men Accepted and Rejected For Day Work At MCI-Concord pdf format of eval_39.pdf
file size 1MB - Miller, Sept. '70
38Factors Related to Inmate Adjustment in a Medium Security Correctional Institution: A Study at MCI-Norfolk pdf format of eval_38.pdf
- Callahan, Feb. '70
37A Preliminary Report on the Self Evaluation Project at MCI-Concord pdf format of eval_37.pdf
- Carney & Callahan, Feb. '70
36A Follow-Up Study of the Walpole Mental Health Program pdf format of eval_36.pdf
file size 1MB - Hyler, Feb. '70
32An Evaluation of the Special Narcotics Addiction Program at MCI-Walpole pdf format of eval_32.pdf
file size 1MB - Callahan, Jul. '69
31A Study of Plea Bargaining in Murder Cases in Massachusetts pdf format of eval_31.pdf
- Carney & Fuller, 1969
30A Statistical Report on the Walpole-Norfolk Classification Program pdf format of eval_30.pdf
- Panagopoulos, 1969
29An Evaluation of the Effect of the Fellowship Program at MCI-Norfolk on Recidivism pdf format of eval_29.pdf
file size 1MB - Panagopoulos, Mar. '69
28A Study of Inmates Court Transportation From Walpole, Norfolk and Concord pdf format of eval_28.pdf
- Gardner, Feb. '69
27A Comparative Analysis of the 31 Inmates Transferred from MCI-Norfolk to the Segregation Unit at MCI-Bridgewater pdf format of eval_27.pdf
- Panagopoulos, Jan. '69
26Report on the Fernald School Program pdf format of eval_26.pdf
- Carney, Magee,& Callahan, Nov.'68
25A Comparative Analysis of the Participants in the Fellowship Program at MCI-Norfolk pdf format of eval_25.pdf
- Panagopoulos, Nov. '68
23A Study of Inmate Perception of the Walpole-Norfolk Classification Program pdf format of eval_23.pdf
- Gardner, Jul. '68
22An Evaluation of the Impact of the Walpole-Norfolk Classification Program pdf format of eval_22.pdf
- Gardner, Jul. '68
21A Statistical Report on the Walpole-Norfolk Classification Program pdf format of eval_21.pdf
- Carney, Gardner, & Panagopoulos, 1968
20A Study of the Relationship Between a History of Narcotic Arrests and Institutional Behavior pdf format of eval_20.pdf
- Panagopoulos, Jul. '68
19An Analysis of Convicted Murderers in Massachusetts: 1943-1966 pdf format of eval_19.pdf
- Carney, Tosti, & Turchetti, Jun, '68
17Trends in the Length of Time Incarcerated in Massachusetts Correctional Institutions: 1945-1966 pdf format of eval_17.pdf
- Berman, Feb. '68
16An Analysis of the Self-Development Group at MCI-Concord pdf format of eval_16.pdf
- Fuller, Jan. '68
14An Evaluation of a Mental Health Program in a Maximum Security Correctional Institution pdf format of eval_14.pdf
- Carney & Bottome, Nov. '67
12A Comparison of Those Who Adjusted And Those Who Did Not Adjust at Forestry Camp pdf format of eval_12.pdf
file size 1MB - Tosti, May, '67
8A Statistical Profile of the MCI-Concord Farm Inmate: A Study of Employment Patterns pdf format of eval_8.pdf
- Carney, Sept. '66
4Base Expectancy Categories for Predicting Parole Failure, MCI-Framingham pdf format of eval_4.pdf
- Haughey & DeVault, June '65
3An Analysis of Convictions of Murder in the First Degree, from Jan 1, 1900 to Dec. 31, '62 pdf format of eval_3.pdf
- Bugden, 1963
2A Psycho-Social Study of 160 Male Inmates Serving a Life Sentence For Murder in Institutions of the Massachusetts Department of Correction pdf format of eval_2.pdf
- Bugden & Serkess, Jan. '59
1A Statistical Analysis of 164 Female Offenders at MCI-Framingham pdf format of eval_1.pdf
- Bugden, Jan. '59

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