Weekly Count by Report Date

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week-count-09/04/2017  pdf format of week-count-09/04/2017
week-count-08/28/2017  pdf format of week-count-08/28/2017
week-count-08/21/2017  pdf format of week-count-08/21/2017
week-count-08/14/2017  pdf format of week-count-08/14/2017
week-count-08/07/2017  pdf format of week-count-08/07/2017
week-count-07/31/2017  pdf format of week-count-07/31/2017
week-count-07/24/2017  pdf format of week-count-07/24/2017
week-count-07/17/2017  pdf format of week-count-07/17/2017
week-count-07/10/2017  pdf format of week-count-07/10/2017
week-count-07/03/2017  pdf format of week-count-07/03/2017
week-count-06/26/2017  pdf format of week-count-06/26/2017
week-count-06/19/2017  pdf format of week-count-06/19/2017
week-count-06/12/2017  pdf format of week-count-06/12/2017
week-count-06/05/2016  pdf format of week-count-06/05/2016
week-count-05/29/2017  pdf format of week-count-05/29/2017
week-count-05/22/2017  pdf format of week-count-05/22/2017
week-count-05/15/2017  pdf format of week-count-05/15/2017
week-count-05/08/2017  pdf format of week-count-05/08/2017
week-count-05/01/2017  pdf format of week-count-05/01/2017
week-count-04/24/2017  pdf format of week-count-04/24/2017
week-count-04/17/2017  pdf format of week-count-04/17/2017
week-count-04/10/2017  pdf format of week-count-04/10/2017
week-count-04/03/2017  pdf format of week-count-04/03/2017
week-count-03/27/2017  pdf format of week-count-03/27/2017
week-count-03/20/2017  pdf format of week-count-03/20/2017
week-count-03/13/2017  pdf format of week-count-03/13/2017
week-count-03/06/2017  pdf format of week-count-03/06/2017
week-count-02/27/2017  pdf format of week-count-02/27/2017
week-count-02/20/2017  pdf format of week-count-02/20/2017
week-count-02/13/2017  pdf format of week-count-02/13/2017
week-count-02/06/2017  pdf format of week-count-02/06/2017
week-count-01/30/2017  pdf format of week-count-01/30/2017
week-count-01/23/2017  pdf format of week-count-01/23/2017
week-count-01/16/2017  pdf format of week-count-01/16/2017
week-count-01/09/2017  pdf format of week-count-01/09/2017
week-count-01/02/2017  pdf format of week-count-01/02/2017


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