This plan is a blue print for the Patrick-Murray Administration’s strategy to address prison overcrowding and the escalating costs of housing and caring for inmates, building on the Governor’s comprehensive sentencing and supervision reform proposals.  The plan includes recommendations for investing up to $550 million to upgrade existing facilities and add new beds over ten years.

Among the strategic investments proposed in the Master Plan are:

  • Regional women centers and specialized regional sub-acute care facilities, which will eliminate redundancies in multiple existing facilities struggling to meet the specialized needs of small groupings of inmates;
  • Community-based pre-release facilities to better prepare inmates for re-entry into their communities, providing a better chance for individual success and a lower rate of recidivism;
  • New general custody beds in regional and/or multi-jurisdictional facilities to provide more flexibility and enable the construction of fewer buildings to address the needs of multiple jurisdictions more cost-effectively.

Secretary`s Master Plan Cover Letter pdf format of Secretary's Master Plan Cover Letter

Corrections Master Plan pdf format of The Massachusetts Corrections Master Plan
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