Welcome to the Essex District Attorney’s Office website.  The website is designed to help you access information about the duties and various programs provided by my office as well as to access resources related to these programs.
The primary role of my office is to prosecute criminal acts that occur within the 34 cities and towns of Essex County.  Each year, my staff of 175 Assistant District Attorneys, Victim Witness Advocates, Juvenile Justice Coordinators, State Police investigators, Child Abuse investigators and support staff handle approximately 43,000 cases.  These cases range from simple assaults to homicides.  Our objective is swift and fair justice while providing critical services to crime victims and their families.

While prosecution is our primary function, I am a strong proponent of prevention and early intervention efforts to prevent crime.  For this reason, my Juvenile Justice Unit and my Community Awareness and Prevention Team work closely with schools, community organizations, social service agencies, law enforcement and others to develop programs that encourage young people to make good decisions, provide parents with information to better guide their children and empower senior citizens to protect themselves.

I welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions, and very much appreciate the opportunity to serve you.



Jonathan W. Blodgett
District Attorney