For Immediate Release - March 08, 2007

D.A. Blodgett's State Police Crime Detection Division Solved 14 of 15 Homicides Commited In 2006

Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett's State Police Detective Unit, working cooperatively with local police departments, solved 14 of 15 homicides committed last year in the county. The lone unsolved case remains under investigation and is steadily progressing toward a resolution.

In two cases involving three victims, the men who would have been defendants committed suicide at the scene of the murders.

Lynn and Lawrence each had five homicides in 2006, and two people were murdered in Peabody. Homicides were also committed in Rowley, Danvers and Swampscott.

The State Police Detective Division is commanded by Detective Lt. Elaine Gill, who was appointed by District Attorney Blodgett and is just the second woman named to lead such a division in Massachusetts.

In addition to investigating homicides, the 10-person detective division also investigated 10 attempted homicides, and responded to 157 suspicious/sudden deaths, 68 overdose deaths, 43 suicides, 13 accidental deaths, and six rapes. It also conducted 18 polygraph examinations during the course of its investigations.

"The expertise and resources the State Police and local departments provide are extremely valuable," said District Attorney Blodgett. "Our detectives work hand in hand with the excellent police investigators in every community to solve a multitude of crimes. The investigative abilities of the state police detectives, coupled with the intimate knowledge of communities that only the local police would have, serve to ensure that justice is done."

The State Police Detective Division led by Lt. Gill, includes Lt. Norman Zuk, Sgt. Dennis Marks, Sgt. Barry Brodette, and Troopers James Dowling, Brandon Arakelian, Robert LaBarge, Anthony Lopilato, Brian O'Neill and Anthony Schena. Susan Harvey is the administrative assistant for the unit.