For Immediate Release - September 04, 2007

Investigation Concludes In Methuen Tragedy

The investigation into the tragedy that took the life of 11 year-old Timothy DiLeo at the Tenney Grammar School in Methuen yesterday has concluded, and it has been determined that there is no criminal culpability against any party in this accident.

The investigation conducted by Methuen Police and State Police assigned to the office of Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett, determined that the gate which fell on the boys was not on its hinges, but was unsecured and leaning against the wall in the area where the dumpsters were kept. It fell under their weight when two of the boys were climbing it, resulting in this tragedy.

Timothy's eight year-old brother, Andrew, was transported to Children's Hospital in Boston following the accident. Steven DiLeo, 13, was uninjured, and Brandon LaPorte, 13, suffered a minor leg injury.