For Immediate Release - July 29, 2009

New Hampshire Man Pleads Not Guilty To Deriving Support From A Prostitute

Kevin Provencher, 50, of 153 Donald Road, Manchester, NH, pleaded not guilty today in Lawrence District Court to two counts of deriving support from a prostitute. He was arrested this morning at his home, where police also executed a search warrant.

Judge Mark Sullivan set bail at $10,000 cash, and continued the case until August 26 for a probable cause hearing. The judge ordered Provencher to stay away from the witnesses in the case, and the locations of the incidents. He must also surrender his passport. The judge also imposed a bail warning, meaning that if Provencher gets into any further legal trouble while this case is pending, he could be held without bail for up to 60 days.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Michelle Defeo told the court that Provencher allegedly set up a website soliciting for his escort business, which he said was run by women. Two females responded to his ad.

He advertised their services on websites such as Craigslist, and would receive emails from prospective customers. Provencher would then perform background checks to make sure they were not undercover police officers. He would allegedly rent a room, and provide the women with the names and phone numbers of the clients for the day.

The women would make arrangements with the customers, and at the end of the day would meet with Provencher. They would either give him half the money, or would deposit it in a specific account provided by him.

Management at the Spring Hill Suites Hotel in Andover became suspicious and contacted police, and investigators were able to confirm their suspicions. Police believe the operation was ongoing for about a year.

convicted, Provencher faces five years in state prison and a $5,000 fine on each count.