For Immediate Release - December 11, 2009

Two Plead Not Guilty In Peabody Cocaine Bust

Hansel Martinez, 35, of 29 Everett Street, Allston, and Edison Carrasco, 20, of New York City, pleaded not guilty today in Peabody District Court to charges of trafficking cocaine over 200 grams, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and a drug violation near a school or park.

Judge James O'Leary ordered Martinez, who has outstanding warrants for drug trafficking and conspiracy, held on $5 million cash bail. Carrasco was ordered held on $1 million cash bail. If bail is posted, the judge ordered that a hearing be held prior to their release to determine where the bail money came from. Both men were given bail warnings and will return to court on January 12 for a probable cause hearing.

The men were arrested as a result of a cooperative investigation by Peabody police detectives, members of the ICE Task Force, Boston police, and state police detectives assigned to the Office of Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett.

Police followed Martinez yesterday from his home to Lawrence, and from there they followed him to Beverly where they observed a drug deal take place. From there, he was followed to a 10 Harris Street location in Peabody. Police believe they were using a second floor apartment there as a stash house.

At 5:45 p.m. the police observed Martinez and Carrasco leave the Harris Street location. They were stopped by officers in Beverly a short time later. At that point, Martinez was arrested on the outstanding warrants and Carrasco was arrested for conspiracy to violate the drug laws. An ounce of cocaine was found in Martinez' coat pocket, and four smaller bags were found in an inside coat pocket.

A few hours later, police executed a search warrant at the Harris Street address, where they discovered approximately 280 grams of cocaine and other drug-related paraphernalia. The estimated street value of the cocaine is $20,000.

If convicted of trafficking in cocaine over 200 grams the men face up to 20 years in state prison.

The Commonwealth was represented today by Essex Assistant District Attorney Jane Prince. Martinez is represented by Attorney Stephen Judge, and Carrasco's attorney is John Lalikos.