For Immediate Release - March 22, 2010

D.A. Blodgett, Sheriff Cousins To Take Part In Middleton Triad By-Laws Signing

Essex District Attorney Jonathan W. Blodgett will join Essex County Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr. and other town officials at the Middleton Triad by-laws signing at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 31, at the Middleton Senior Center, located at 38 Maple Street.

Thirty-one of the thirty-four cities and towns in Essex County are currently involved in the Triad Program. The mission of the Triad Council is to develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, promote crime prevention and safety awareness, and serve the needs of the senior community. Members of the Council include representatives from the Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's Office, local police and fire departments, Housing Authority, Council on Aging, and senior citizens from the community.

Triad safety programs, which are free of charge, include the File of Life, Yellow Dot, Senior Photo ID's, Housing number programs, and ICE stickers for cell phones. Through a speaker series, the Triad Councils also address issues including elder abuse, proper financial planning, identity theft and scams, and the proper disposal of prescription drugs.

"It is important during these difficult economic times to pool our resources to do everything we can to keep our senior citizens safe," said District Attorney Blodgett. "The Triad Councils help reach out to our seniors and provide them with programs to help them feel safe in their homes and communities."

The Triad Council meets once a month at the Middleton Senior Center, and welcomes new members.

For more information please contact the Middleton Senior Center at 978-777-4067, or Debbie MacGregor at the District Attorney's Office at 978-745-6610, ext. 5081.