For Immediate Release - August 18, 2010

Man Who Forged Own Death Certificate To Avoid Prosecution Pleads Not Guilty To New Charges

Michael Rosen, 42, of Salem, allegedly tried to avoid prosecution in two pending criminal matters by presenting a fake death certificate to the clerk's office in Salem District Court earlier this month.

Today, in that same courthouse, he pleaded not guilty to two counts of forgery of a document, and one count of uttering a false writing. Judge Richard Mori ordered Rosen held on the $10,000 cash bail requested by the Commonwealth, continued his case until September 13 for a probable cause hearing.

Rosen was also arraigned today on two counts of larceny of a credit card and two counts of larceny over $250, and bail was set at $2,500 on those charges. On a pending charge of operating after the suspension of his license, Judge Mori revoked his bail.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Colleen Cashman told the court that on August 10, Rosen allegedly presented a fake death certificate to the clerk's office, resulting in the dismissal of his charges on August 11.

But court personnel grew suspicious, and discovered that the death certificate was a fake. It did not have a raised seal, but did have misspellings and irregular margins.

Forgery of a document and uttering a false writing carry maximum sentences of two years in the House of Correction, or 10 years in state prison.

Rosen is represented by Attorney Sierra Rosen from the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS).