For Immediate Release - May 19, 2011

DA Blodgett Releases Teen Dating Abuse Prevention Video

In response to growing concern about the prevalence of teen dating abuse, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett released a 15 minute video, “Teens Talk About Dating Abuse.”  The purpose of the video is to help young people recognize the signs of abuse in a dating relationship. 

"I am concerned about the acceptance of abusive behavior in teen dating relationships," Blodgett said.  "I encourage young people who are in abusive relationships, or who have friends who may be in an abusive relationship, to get help."

According to a 2009 Teenage Research Unlimited survey, nearly one third of teens who have been in a serious relationship, report physical or sexual abuse or threats of physical harm.

The video features students from Ipswich High School who belong to a club “Teens Against Dating Abuse” (TADA) and interviews with abuse survivors taken from the Liz Claiborne Company’s teen dating abuse prevention curriculum.  Taken together, the young people describe the warning signs of abuse, types of abuse, the challenge of ending an abusive relationship and how to support a friend who is in such a relationship.

The video is featured on the District Attorney’s web site:  Copies may be obtained by calling the District Attorney’s Office at 978-745-6610 ext. 5079.