For Immediate Release - October 14, 2011

Home Invader is Sentenced to State Prison

Jorge Fuentes, 31, of 54 Greenwood Street, Lawrence, who terrified an 86-year-old woman when he smashed her bedroom window to break into her Lawrence home, pleaded guilty yesterday in Salem Superior Court to breaking and entering, and was sentenced to 4-6 years in state prison by Judge David Lowy.

Essex Assistant District Attorney Greg Friedholm told the court that about a week before the February 25, 2011 break-in, Fuentes, clearly casing the home, had knocked on the door and asked the woman if she had Comcast.  She replied that she did and closed the door.  On the day of the break-in Fuentes knocked on the door again and rang the doorbell.  When no one answered he assumed no one was home and tried to break in. 

But the elderly woman was home, and she grabbed a broom and called Lawrence Police.  The police sped to the scene with their emergency lights on but sirens off, and within moments had Fuentes in custody.

After Fuentes was arrested, North Andover Police Detective Daniel Cronin matched his fingerprints to a housebreak in that town, which occurred on January 6, 2011.  Fuentes pleaded guilty yesterday to breaking and entering and larceny from a building for that crime, and Judge Lowy sentenced him to a concurrent 4-6 years in state prison.

“The Lawrence police officers who responded so quickly to the 911 call did a fantastic job in apprehending Fuentes and keeping the victim safe,” said Prosecutor Friedholm.  “They were there in less than two minutes.  And Detective Cronin should be commended for his role in solving the North Andover housebreak.” 

Fuentes was represented by Attorney Lynette Leos from the Committee for Public Counsel Services.