For Immediate Release - February 18, 2011

Peabody Mom Who Was Injecting Drugs While Children In Car Pleads Guilty

A Peabody mother, who was injecting cocaine while seated in her parked car with her two young children in the back seat, pleaded guilty today to OUI drugs (second offense), two counts of possession of Class B cocaine, child endangerment while OUI, and child endangerment.

Salem District Court Judge Richard Mori sentenced Deborah Annese, 41, to 60 days in the House of Correction, on the charge of OUI drugs (second offense). That sentence was deemed served.

On the charge of child endangerment he imposed an 18 month suspended sentence, and on the remaining charges he placed her on probation for a total of four years, with a multitude of conditions, which had been requested by Essex Assistant District Attorney Colleen Cashman.

Those conditions include random drug screens, and she must undergo evaluation by the probation department and receive treatment as deemed necessary, including in-patient. In addition, her prescriptions may only come from one physician. She is also to continue with her current drug treatment program, which has thus far proven to be very successful with 25 consecutive clean tests, and she must continue to comply with all DCF orders.

When police came upon Annese in her vehicle on April 15, 2010, they found two needles in the car. They discovered her 11-month old son in the back seat, holding a spoon with cocaine residue on it. Initially the baby was thought to have cocaine in his system, but later tests determined otherwise. Also in the back seat was her two-year old daughter. She later smuggled cocaine into the Salem District Court lock-up.

Annese was represented by Attorney Robert Murray, Jr.