For Immediate Release - November 14, 2012

Salem Man to Serve 2 Years for Perjury and Misleading a Judge

Jonathan G. Ngarambe, 23 of 10 First Street in Salem, pled guilty today to perjury and misleading a judge in connection with his involvement as a potential juror in a rape trial in March.  Judge David Lowy sentenced him to serve 2 years in the House of Correction and 2 years of probation.  He also ordered the defendant to obtain his GED, get or attempt to get a job and perform 250 hours of community service.

Had the case gone to trial, Essex Assistant District Attorney AJ Camelio would have proved that on March 20, 2012, Ngarambe was a potential juror in the trial of Rafael Nina Brito, Luis Arias and Justin Louf, who were charged and later convicted of aggravated rape.  The prosecutor in the rape case noticed that he made eye contact with one of defendants upon entering the courtroom.  Ngarambe knew at least two of the three defendants and in fact attended Salem High School with them.  The judge questioned Ngarambe if he knew any of the defendants in a variety of ways and Ngarambe denied knowing them each time. 

In recommending a sentence of 3-5 years, Camelio said, “This is a serious offense.  As a prosecutor, I may sometimes be disappointed in a jury’s decision, but I always count on the fact that they are acting fairly and impartially.”

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said, “A trial before a fair and impartial jury is one of the fundamental principles of our democracy.  Had this young man succeeded in getting on this jury, it would have represented a serious miscarriage of justice for the victim of a horrific rape.  This sentence sends a strong message that this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.”

Ngarambe was represented by Attorney John Appruzzese.