For Immediate Release - December 08, 2012

                With the one year anniversary of the murder of John and Geraldine Magee approaching, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett and Andover Police Chief Brian Pattullo are appealing to the public for information.

                “We are asking anyone who has any information no matter how seemingly insignificant to please contact us,” Blodgett said.  “Often in a homicide investigation, there are people who have information but may not realize its relevance or importance to the investigation.  At this point, any and all information is important.”

                John and Geraldine Magee were found shot to death in their home at 7 Orchard Crossing in Andover on the morning of December 14, 2011.  Their Lexus SUV was found on fire on Prince Street in Boston on the evening of December 13th. 

                Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the Essex District Attorney’s Office and Andover Police Detectives are working together to solve the double homicide.  D.A. Blodgett explained that specific details about the investigation cannot be released at this time.  “Until we have someone in custody and are presenting our case in court, any information released could potentially jeopardize our investigation and our prosecution,” he said.  “This investigation is active and remains a priority.  We will continue to pursue every lead until we find the person or persons responsible for this senseless and tragic murder and seek justice for the Magee family in court.”

                Chief Pattullo added, “The Andover Police Department is determined to find those responsible for this horrific act.  We are asking people to search their consciences and come forward with any information that they may have.”

                Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Massachusetts State Police Detectives assigned to the District Attorney’s Office at 978-745-8908 or the Andover Police Anonymous Tip Line at 978-470-3864.